Algood Beautification Awards


The Algood Beautification Committee represents citizen values, facilitates community projects, promulgates best practices, and recognizes important achievements in order to improve the appearance and experience of the City of Algood.

The Beautification Committee annually presents awards to both residential and non-residential property owners that enhance the overall appearance of Algood, and make a positive contribution or improvement to the City, through their dedication and efforts towards landscaping, architecture, and maintenance. Congratulations to Nelson Trophy & Screen Printing and the Mark and Stephanie Family on your award.

Pictured are Evelyn Glover, Carolyn Norris, Holly and Jennifer Green, Gary Harris and the two little girls with the cat are the Stevens family girls (not pictured but the award winners).

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Orange shirted man (Hugh Adams) Marilyn Francis red hair, Evelyn Glover, Freddie and Kathy Nelson, Jennifer Green, Carolyn Norris (with baby)  (short blond) Janell Prichard, Luzia Duke (fight like a girl t-shirt), Terri Loftis, Beecher Underwood.

Information  and photos provided by Dana Looper.