Cumberland County Mugshots

Check out the mugshots for January 9, 2017

Cumberland County Mugshots

Archer, Kendra Marie - Poss of over .5g of Meth with IntentAshburn, Aaron Dale - Contempt of CourtBarnes, Justin Hill - DUIBarnes, Kathleen Ann - Theft of MerchandiseBarnes, Tavius Dewayne - Domestic AssautBayless, Cody Leon - Public IntoxicationBell, Jeffery William - Mfg:Del:Sell or Poss Meth; DOSBoles, Alicia Marie - GS VOPBowman, Marshall Alvin - DOSBraddam, Donnie Edward - Sell of SCH II Oxycodone; Del SCH II OxycodoneBrooks, Christopher Scott - FTA X2Brown, Melissa Elaine - Disorderly ConductBrown, Thomas Anthony - Contempt of CourtBullock, Brittany Nicole - Assault SummonsBullock, Marvin Alonzo - Assault SummonsBurt, Joshua Michael - Theft of Property Under $500Cagle, Martha Katherine - Criminal Trespassing; Theft over $500Cantrell, Tyler Joseph - Contempt of CourtCaruthers, Ashley Paige - AssaultCastillo, Wilman Yony - DUI; Driving W:O LicenseChapman, Danny Erwin - Contempt of CourtCompton, Christopher Charle - Purge or Serve 78 DaysCrabtree, David Michael jr - Acetaminophen and Hydrocodone Tabs; Glass StrawCreasman, Shirley Ann - FTA on 12:21:15 for Theft (to pay)Davis, Larry Benton - CC VOPDilbeck, Robert Scott - Burglary; Theft over $500 but less than $1,000; Vandalism; Commitment Time for MisdemDodson, Jeremy Lynn - GS VOPDodson,Jonathan Edward - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorDominguez, Gabriel Torres - Contributing to MinorDowns, Ami Leeann - BurglaryEldridge, Kyle Jay - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorEveretts, Amber Marie - AssaultFarley, Gage Mason - Mfg:Del:Sel: MarijuanaFarr, Christopher Ray - License Required:No DL; Simple Poss; Poss Drug ParaFields, Ricky Lee - FTA.jpg.Fiorillo, Peggy Jean - Criminal Trespassing; Poss of Frug Para; Simple Poss MethFlowers, Richard Aaron - Theft Under $500Ford, Kenny Lane - CC VOPGipper, Kelly Jeanne - DUI; VIO Implied ConsentGruber, Kayla Ann - Agg Burglay; Theft Under $500Guffey, Daniel James - DOR:SGunter, Ronald Steve - FTAHaines, Andrea Nicole - FTA 11:9:15 to PayHall, Janice Annette - GS VOPHardwick, Davis, Karen Clemen - FTAHarrison, Joshua Allen - FTA Serve 10 days:500Hassler, Wesley Paul - Sel:Del of Oxycodone; Sell:Del of OxymorphoneHolding, Daniel Allen - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorHorn, Gregory Thomas - Assault; VIO of Parole; Simple Poss X2; SCH VI Hoskins Off Bond; Hoskins Off BondHoward, Carla Ann - Contempt of CourtHudgens, Jason Forrest - Reckless Driving; DOS; Simp Poss SCH II; Domestic Assault; AssaultHunt, Justin Tyler - FTAHurst, Jesse Charle s- Criminal TrespassingHyder, Joshua Earl - DOR:S DLHyder, Scott Monroe - Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss MethJackson, Amanda Michelle - Investigative HoldKemmer, Asa Loranzy - Under.5 G Meth; Del Under .5g; Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss Meth over .5 g; Meth over .5gKennedy, Charles David - Hunting W:O License, Vio Big Game HarvestKline, Kasandra Louise - FTALabbe, Kevin Phillip - Sel:Del Oxycodone X3; Poss Firearm During Felony; Poss SCH II w:intent to Deliver X3Lawson, Angela Renee - Assault Summons OnlyLawson, Trisha Dawn - Fraudulent use of Credit:ATM Card X7Leach, Nicholas Jason - DORLoshbough, Matthew Curtis - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorLowery, Donald Hurley- FTA to Pay for Public IntoxicationMalottki, David Christopher -DUIMann, Shawna Marie - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorMay, Ashley Elizabeth - Fraudulent Use of Credit:ATM CardMcKee, Christopher Michael - Hold for Bledsoe CoMcNeal, Brian Daniel - DOS; DUIMiley, James Dakota - Drinking Below the Legal AgeMoles, Samuel Dale - ContemptMoore, Roger Archie - FTA; Commitment Time for Felony; CC VOPNetherton, Cali Ann - Theft of MerchandiseNewby, Patricia Gail - Public IntoxicationNichols, Tyson Bradley - Theft of MerchandiseNorris, Yvonne French - FTAPaul, Ashley Renee - Theft of Prop involving MerchandisePhillips, Stephen Matthew - Vio Community CorrectionsPrch, Corban Pagtrick - Mfg:Del:Sell MarijuanaPresley, Steven Randall - See Previous Booking, Serving SentenceReed, Franklin Roosevelt - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorReek, Storm Dean - DORRenaud, Hollie Nicole - VOPRhodes, Adrian Randell - Serve 10 Days:3000Rowell, Paula Denise - GS VOPRowell, Paula Denise - TennCare Fraud; Sel:Del of Controled Sub; Sel:Del Hydrocodone;Mfg:Sel:Del:Poss MethRussell, James Robert - BurglaryScheirer, Kimberly Jean - Hold for Rhea CountySeher, Steven Joseph - Contempt of CourtSeickendick, David Edward - Domestic AssaultShepherd, Tristan Nichole - Check Previous BookingSherrill, Edward Junior - Check Previous BookingSherrill, Mark Allen - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorSherrill, Stephen Walter - Publioc IntoxicationStaten, Ashley Terri Gibs - Return from Mocc BendSullivan, James Casto Jr - FTATanner, Jim Edward - GS VOPTollett, Jody Allen - Domestic AssaultWarner, Jeffery Neal - Domestic Assault; Evading Arrest; Resisting Arrest; Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss Meth; Tampering with EvidenceWarner, Nathan Randall - DOS to PayWatson, Stanley Jay - Domestic Assault; VIO Bond ConditionsWebb, Brandon Neal - FTAWebb, Jacob Jackson - GS VOP; Hold W:O Bond

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