Cumberland County Mugshots

January 23, 2017

Cumberland County Mugshots

Adams, James Harmon - VIO Order of ProtectionAlmonrode, Michael Casey - Hold for Putnam CountyBarrett, Diane NMN - Agg BurglaryBrown, Rickey Eugene - Hold for Morgan CountyBuck, Derrick Lee - Escape; Reckless Driving; DUIBurton, Stafford Allan - VOPClark, William Eugene - FTAColin-Hernandez, Miguel Angel - Casual Ex Marijuana; Mfg:Del:Sel SCH I; Mfg:Del:Sel SCH IColin, Cesar Manuel - Investigativew HoldCollora, Brittany Lynn - Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss Meth; Unlawful Poss Drug ParaColwell, Starla Marie - VOP Theft of MSD; VOP Crim Imper; Contempt for Failure to Return From FurlowCook, Shawn Michael - VIO Comm CorrectionsCox, Israel Lee - Poss SCH II Del; Poss SCH II SaleCross, Aaron Christopher - 2 Day CommitDavis, Callis Manuel - GS VOPDavis, Jeffery Ron - Osbtr of Service of Legal Writ or ProcessDavisson, Michael Wayne - Poss SCH VI for Resale; Poss SCH VI for DelDebruyn, Quinton Alexander - Poss SC VI Sell; Poss SCH VI DelDelbeck, Karen Brenice - FTA:P FTADowns, Ami Leeann - Vio Comm CorrectionsDoyle, Tabitha Renae - FTA; GS VOP; Falsification of Drug Test ResultElmore, Ashley Nicole - Investigative HoldGoforth, Edward George - FTA 9:19:16 No DL (To Pay)Greatorex, Andrea Lee - Commit Time for MisdemeanorGriffith, Carl Jackson - Poss SCH II Meth over.5 Del X2; Poss SCH II over.5 Sale X2; Poss SCH II Oxy forDel:Sel; Poss SCH IV Tramadol for D:S; Altered Vin #Griffith, George Richard Jr 5th - TheftGriffith, Kevin Joel - GS VOPHall, Allison Leigh - MFG:Del:Sel Controlled Sub; Mfg:Del:Sell Con SubHall, Janice Annette - FTA CapiasHersam, Michael Timothy - Investigative HoldHogan, Robin Lang - Criminal Trespassing; Theft of MerchandiseHoward, Matthew Bruce - In for Court from Bledsoe TDOCHoward, Michael Adam - Theft of MerchandiseHumphrey, Floyr Sherrell - In for CourtJenkins, Nicole Be'Occa - FTA on 11:14:16; Contempt of CourtJudkins, Robert Alexander - Investigative HoldKington, Adam Blake - Public IntoxicationKirby, Susan Marlene - Return from Moccosin BendLane, Travis Matthew - Theft of PropertyLopez, Christopher Michael - Investigative HoldLopez, Jose Anthony - Investigative HoldLowery, Shanna Charlene - Commit Time 48 HoursMoilanen, Richard Kenneth - DUIMurphy, Billie Jo - FTANorrod, Thomas Daniel - FTA 9:26:16 DOS:Proof of INS:Light LawOakes, Gregory Lawson - Theft of Merch under $500Parks, Ronald Alfred - Public IntoxicationPhillips,Danny Ellison - Commit Time 48 HoursPirtle, Stephen Keith - VOP; 1:9:17 FTA Falsif Drug Test; FTA 12:9:16 No DLPugh, Derrick James - 170 Days Purge 972.00; FTAPugh, Ronald Dean - FTA 1:5:17 Poss Bnurg Tools:Theft X2Purcell, Hunter Logan - Public IntoxicationSavage, Jason Michael - FTASharp, William Neil - FTA 7:13:15 No DL (To Pay)Sherrill, Casey James - Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss MethSherrill, Stanley NMN - Commit Time 48 HoursSmith, Rex Allen - DUI; Vio Implied Consent LawSpagnolo, Robert Ray - Criminal TrespassingSpurrier, Jonathan Shane - DORStevens, Lecinda Janene - CC VOP; FTA on 1:12:17 Theft of MerchandiseSullivan, James Casto - CC VOPTabor, Matthew James - FTATeasley, Timothy James - 3:24:16 VOPTiller, Denise Charmene - FTA on 11:14:16; Contempt of CourtTrisdale, Charles David - FTA ;VopWallace, Leonard Valentine - FTA; FTAWilliams, Mark Anthony - FTAWilliams, Melissa Ann - Check Previous BookingWilson, Amber Louise - Theft of PropertyWilson, James Riley - Mfg:Del:Sel Controlled Sub

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