Cumberland County Mugshots

February 6, 2017

Cumberland County Mugshots

Abston, Timothy Austin - Resisting Arrest; Disorderly ConductBennett, Tyler Lee - Hold for DeKalb CoBerry, Brian Scott - Warrant for Arrest from GeorgiaBrown, Clifford Cody - VOP; Hold for Bledsoe CountyBrown, Dylan Cole - Hold for Hamilton CountyCagle, Martha Katherine - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorCarr, Tiffany Laine - DUI; Reckless Endangerment; VIO Implied Consent LawChavez, Julio Perez - DUI; DOR; AssaultClark, Robyn Claiare - Investigative HoldCline II, Benjamin Edward - Commitment Time for Misdemeanor; Hold to do Jail Time 130 DaysCrisp, Johnathan Gordon - Hold for Fentress countyCross, Arron Christopher - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorDavidson, Jamie Scott - Investigative HoldDavis, Christopher Lee - Child Support X2Dean, Rickey Lane - Child SupportEngland, Robert Don - CommitFields, Shanna Rebecca - GS VOPFlynn, Brandon Todd - VIO Implied Consent; DUI; Fail to Report Accident; Leaving Scene of AccidentGodsey, Daniel Tyler -Theft of PropertyGodsey, Rowdy Rick - Disregarding Stop Sign X2; Evading Arrest X2; Use of Off Hwy Vehicle on Hwy; Improper Passing on LeftGraham, Gary Paul - Theft of MerchandiseX2Graham, Gary Paul - VOPGray, Jamie Lee - Hold for Bond HearingGreatorex, Andrea Lee - GS VOPGreenslade, Debra Rene - FTAHamby, Mark Shannon - Bond Revoked per JudgeHavlik, Kurt Dwayne - Return From Court Putnam CountyHaynes, Leonard William - Vio of ParoleHodge, Troy Lynn - DOR:S DLHolton, Daniel Lee - Warrant for Arrest from Another StateHoward, Dylan Caleb - Theft of PropertyHoward, Jason Lee - AssaultHunter,Nathan Nathaniel -Simple Poss SCH III; Simple Poss SCH IVHyder, Scott Monroe - Commitment Time for FelonyJanow, Donald NMN - Investigative HoldJohnson, Stephanie Diane - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorKelly, Rachel Suzanne - GS VOP; Serve 30 Days Miss CommitLance, William Leslie - VandalismLinder, Christopher Scott - FTALoden, Steven Christopher - Theft of PropertyLowery, Shanna Charlene - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorMace, John Matthew - FTA 12:2:16 for Domestic Assault CCMatthews, William Larry - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorMcClenny, Sarah Mae - GS VOP; Commitment Time For MisdemeanorMcCullough, Willaim Jodie:D - FTAMeeks, Jeremy Lynn - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorMeeks, Thomas Anthony - CC VOPMiller, Levi Adam - Theft of MerchandiseMoles, Samuel Dale - GS VOPMoore, William Shone - Vio Bad Check Law; Warrant for Arrest from FloridaMorris, Billie Jo - Hold for Rhea CountyMulvey, Steven Kyle - Hindering a Secured CreditorNelson, Chandler Scott - GS VOP X2; FTA X2Owens, Elizabeth Lynn - FTA 1:5:17 For Sim PossPogue, Danny Lovelle - SCH IV, DOSPoling, David Michael - DUIProffitt, Stephen Wayne - Serve 45 DaysRedwine, Darrell Keith - FTA X2Reed, Hunter Dean - Public IntoxicationReeves, Dylan Cole - Return from Count From Putnam CountyRichardson, Jamie R - Serve 100 Days or Pay $5338.00 Cash; FTA; GS VOP; NO DLRodriguez, Jose Luis - CapiasSavage, Ericka Kay - FTA; Resisting Arrest; Disorderly ConductSchwarz, John David - Capias; Contraband in Penal Instit; Poss of Legend Drug; Tampering With EvidenceSeiber, Karen Nicole - Contempt of CourtSeney, Dustin Ryan - Vio Order of Protection:RestraintSherrill, Bobby Otto - CC VOPSherrill, Edward Junior - Hold for DeKalb CountySmith, Darrin Lee - Theft of PropertySmith, Tristan Elizabeth - FTASpivey, Keith Lakaff - GS VOPSutton, Allen Nathaniel - FTA 12:15:16Taylor, Tiffani Lee - Warrant for Arrest From Another StateTreadway, Tara Rhiannon - 10 Days to PayWaite, Cody Edward - Theft of Merch; Fraud Use of Credit:ATM; Passing Forged Instru; Burglary; Theft of PropWalker, Brian Heath - Theft of PropertyWaters, Casey Joe - VOPWebster, Jerrica Frances - Reckless EndangermentWeller, Rexford Amase 3rd - Reckless Endangerment; Simp Poss MarijuanaWicks, David Paul - In for Court Loudon CountyWilliams, Charity Ann - Public IntoxicationWilson, Daniel Dee - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorWilson, Joshua Lee - Agg Assault-Domestic; CHild Abuse:Neglect; Resisting Arrest; Agg BurglaryWoods, Makayla Lary - Mfg:Del:Sel Cont Sub; Mfg:Sel:Del Controlled Sub MethYoung, Cynde Yvonne - 12 hrs Waived by Comm Danny CantwellYoung, Cynde Yvonne - VIO Bond ConditionsYoung, Michael Christopher - CC VOP

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