Putnam County Mugshots

February 27, 2017

Check out this week’s mugs from Putnam County

Argo, Ronnie Edward - Mfg:Del:Sell Controlled Sub; GS FTA:P Simple PossX2; Mitimut to JailArnold, Brooke Nicole - Joyriding; GS FTA:PBilbrey, Larry Heath - GS FTA:P VOPBoardman, Rylan - Public IntoxicationBolton, Brandy Nicole - GS VOP Simple Poss:Casual ExchangeBrady, Bobbie Jo - GS FTA:P DORBright, Ross Anderson - Public Intoxication X2Bryant, David Jeffery - GS FTA:P 7:27:15Bryant, Haley Jan - CC VOP Theft under $500; Contraband in Penal InstitutionBryant, Scottie Dale James - GS FTA:PBuck, Kayrina Lyann - CC Pick Up Indictment Poss of SCH II, Meth more 0.5 Gramd; GS FTA:P TheftBudd, Richard Dennis - GS FTA:P Theft DOS; VandalismBynum, Jonathan Paul - Criminal TrespassingCalhoun, Brittany Lashea - VIO Bond ConditionsCampbell, Destin Blake - DOR:S DLCaperton, Donna Lynn - Domestic AssaultChambers, Jonathan Lee - GS FTA:P Absent without LeaveCoggins, Phillip Edward -Aggravated AssaultCopley, Heather Nicole - GS FTA:P Simple PossCruz, Esua Levi - Mfg:Del:Sel Controlled Sub X2Dawes, Richard Dale - Domestic AssaultDevillanueva, Chadwic Anthony - VIO Order of Protection; Simple Poss:Casual ExchangeDowell, Joseph Erwin - CC Pick Up IndictmentDyer, Kevin Glenn =- GS FTA:P 10:3:16Emerick, Elsey Kathleen - GS FTRA:P Driving w:o LicenseEngland, Randy William - DOR:S DLErion, Krystle M - DUI; Reckless Endangerment; GS FTA:P on Driving Due Care, Fin Respon LawFerrill, James Brandon - CC VOPFitzgerald, Christopher David - Unlawful Poss of a Weapon by ConvictFlanigan, Michael Wayne - DOR:S DLFox, Ernest Bubba - GS VOPFreeman, Michael Wayne - Disorderly ConductGaspar, Jose Francisco - Agg Burglary; Dom. Assault; Reckless Endangerment; Evading Arrest; DUIGoans, Angela Dawn - DUIGoff, James Paris - CC Pick Up indictment; Criminal SimulationGoolsby, Krystal Lynn - GS FTA:P on DOR DLGoryl, Timothy Patrick - Public IntoxicationGuy,Anthony Scott - GS FTA:P DOS< Poss Drug Para; Mitimus to Jail Capias, DOS, Drug Para, Child ResHamby, Hannah Nichole - G VOPHamilton, Karen Nicole - GS VOP Simple Poss; GS FTA:P Simple Poss Poss Drug Para TheftHargis, Charles Stephen - CC Capias Pick Up Indictment Sel:Del SCH II MethHarrison, Jay Charles - Criminal ImpersonationHenry, Michael Leonard - GS FTA:P Fin Resp Law; GS FTA:P VOPHill, Steven Tyler - GS FTA:PHorn, Charles Lawrence - DUIHorne, Roger Dale - JuvenileJanow, Donald - GS FTA:P Theft of Property; CC VOPJohnson, Sherry Nicole - GS FTA:P DOR Light LawJones, Hunter David - GS FTA:P 12:7:16Jones, Kayla Dwone - GS FTA:P Criminal ImpersonationJuan, Jose Juan - Sexual BatteryKey, Justin Lyn - CC Pick up Indictment on Sell:Del SCH III Drug Fr, GS FTA:P on Disorderly ConductKing, Charles Andrew - GS FTA:PLarkins, Deon - GS FTA:PLee, Kayelyn Elizabeth - DUILilly, Benjamin Albert - Disorderly Conduct; Poss of Drug ParaLucas, Del - VIO Implied Consent Law; DUILyell, William Louis - Public IntoxicationLyons, William Paul - CC FTA:P Evading Arrest Flight-VehicleMahan, Johnny R - DUIMathis, Jason Dale - GS FTA:P; Shoplifting Theft of Property; Crim Tres; Shoplifting Theft of Prop Invol Merc; Criminal TrespassingMayberry, Brent Lee - GS FTA:PMcLemore, Casey Tyler - GS FTA:P on Simp Poss:Cas & Poss Drug ParaMelton, Terrence Dakota - DUIMills, Heath - CC VOP VandalismMoore, Angel Arlene - GS FTA:P DOS Comm Service; GS FTA:P on Suspended DLMorris, Shane Dion - CC Pick up Indictment Sale Delv SCH II over .5 gramsMullins, Tara Lynn - CC VOP Poss SCH VI; Simple Poss; Poss Drug Para; CC VOPMurphy, Angela Michelle - GS FTA:P Simple Poss, Drug ParaNewby, Jacob Edward - DUIParker, Anthony Edward - Public IntoxicationParzer, Stacey Ann - GS FTA:PPatterson, Patrick Lamont - GS FTA:PPhillips, Katelyn Lea - Mfg:Del:Sell Controlled Sub; Juvenile Court Instanter Capias; GS FTA?P Worthless Checks UP to $500 X2Poore, Robert Lynn - GS FTA:P; GS VOPRittenberry, Tommy Lee - GS FTA:PRobertson, Georgia Diane - Public IntoxicationSandaluk, Aaron Michael - GS FTA:PSantos, Victor Hugo - CC Pick Up Indictment Sell:Del SCH II CocaineSavage, Miller Carl - CC Pick Up Indictment Sel:Del SCH IIScarlett, Rocky Amon - Domestic Assault; Domestic Assault; GS FTA:PSerrano Espinosa, Edwardo Jose - DUISheets, Mary Ann - GS VOP Poss Drug Para; Mitimus to Jail GS VOPSpradlin, Kathy Ann - GS VOP Criminal Impersonation Rule #1; GS VOP Criminal Impersonation Rule #1Stacy, Christopher Blake - Criminal Impersonation; Simple Poss:Casual EXcahnge; GS FTA:P 11:28:16Stacy, Jessica Lynn - GS VOP; Criminal Impersonation; Mitimus to JailStainbrook, Jennifer Lee - JoyridingSTEELE, Jake Eric - Fraudulent Use of Credit Card; Theft of PropertyStewart, Tina Marie - GS FTA:P DOS; GS FTA?P DOR, Seatbelt, Fin Resp; GS FTA:P DOS; GS FTA:P Theft; JuvenileStout, Jimmy Charles - Mfg:Del:Sel:Controlled SubStrong, Adam Mitchell - CC FTA:P SCH III DrugsThomas, Tracey Blake - GS FTA:P EVADINGThurman, Robert Joshua - GS FTA:P DUI, Sim PossTinsley, Matthew Lee - GS FTA:PVillasana, ANA Paula - DUIWarta, Shawn Colby - Aggravated AssaultWatson, Shane Lee - DUIWatts, Stevie Lee - Evading Arrest, GS Capias; GS FTA:PWhite, Ashlyn Paige - CC Pick Up Indictment DUIWhitehead, Amanda Faye - GS VOPWhittenburg, Perry Neal - Shoplifting Theft of Property; Public IntoxicationWofford, Thomas Dewayne - GS FTA:P; Harassment


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