White County Mugshots

White County Mugshots

March 6, 2017

Austin, Barbara Lynn - Poss SCH VI and Drug Para; Unlawful Drug ParaBlanton, Issac Scott - Poss of Drug Para; SCH II DrugsBoswell, Joey Allen - Here for CourtCantrell, Tawnee Lee -Domestic Assault; Unlawful Drug Para; Poss Simple SCH II; Poss Simple VI; Poss Simple IVCooper, Allen Ray - DOS:Child RestraintCope, Ronald Jeffery - DUI 1st; Simple Poss; Unlawful Drug ParaDelk, Brian Matthew - DUI 1stDill, Cevin Lee - Serve 10 Days Hold WithoutDilldine, Ricky Shane - VOP; Attachment for Jail SentenceFisher, Charles Edward - Public IntoxicationFlatt, Phillip Anthony - Attachment for Jail sentenceFrazier, Robert Morris - Vio Bond Conditions; Capias:FTAGrisham, Darline F - Theft of Property; Criminal Trespass; Poss Drug ParaGuevara, Miguel Angel - Domestic AssaultHood, Chazlynn Kay - Simple Poss SCH IVJohnson, Christina Love - Criminal Trespass; Poss Drug ParaJohnson, Raymond Allan - VOP on Reckless Endangerment & TheftJones, Heidi Nicole - Reckless Endangerment; Child Abuse:NeglectKirby, David Wayne - Attachment for Child SupportKirby, Devon Ray - Public IntoxicatonKunkle, Chad A - Public Intoxication; Drug ParaLedbetter, Elijah Rayne - Public Intoxication;; Illegal ConsumptionParks, Wanda Gail - FTA on Poss of Drug ParaPoss, Jayson Douglas - Serving on Previous ChargeRodgers, Kimberly Alexis - Huffing-Inhailing (Air Duster)Rogers, Austin Lee - Public Intoxication; Disorderly Condcut; Simple Poss:Casual ExRogers, Robert Michael - Pubic Intoxication; Poss SCH IVSevert, Chad Wesley - DOR 2ndSimoneau, Jennifer Leeann - Domestic AssaultSmith, William Tyler - Reckless Endangerment of a Child; DUI 2nd; DOR 3rdStewart, Glenda Faye - VOP TheftSumner, Sara Beth - Simple Poss SCH VITaylor, Jacky Wayne - DOR:S 2ndUsrey, Shane Thomas - Domestic AssaultWard, William W - DOR 3rd; Vio of Habitual Offender LawWhitaker, Marla E - Poss of Drug Para; Simple Poss SCH II; VOP; VOPYoung, James Steven - FTAMatheney, Gregory Alan - DOSMyers, William Loyvoid - Public IntoxicationO'Conner, Jackie Ray - FTA Fine Cost

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