DeKalb County Mugshots 8/22/17

Check out the DeKalb County mugshots from 8/22/17.

Lou Sanders- Violation of Order of ProtactionDavid Rutland-Weekender Time to ServeDwayne Reeder-Violation of Probation General SessionsJerry Perdue-Failure to AppearRebecca Pelfrey-Revoked to ServeGregory Patton-Simple Possession or Casual Exchange-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-Resisting Stop-Frisk-Halt Arrest-Criminal Impersonation-Failure to AppearGrady Murphy-Court OrderedChristopher Medlin- Failure to AppearStephanie Maloney-Violation of ProbationThomas Malone-Violation of ProbationJamie Lynn-Domestic AssaultChristina Johnson-Holding for White CO.Robert Hutchins-Domestic Assault-Violation of Order of ProtectionJustin Deniham-Theft under$100David Conaway-Unlawful Posession of a Weapon-Simple Possession of Sch VIJennifer Bullard-Failure to AppearJason Bates-Public IntoxicationBradley Allison-Boating Under The Influence