Wilson County Invitational Cross Country Meet


Cookeville Middle School Cross Country Teams place 1st at Wilson County Invitational Meet!

Varsity girls medals:  Emily Coonce (2nd, 14:55.10), Gabriella Dawson (3rd, 14:57.61), Carley Crowe (6th, 15:39.22), Katie Goad (7th, 15:49.98), Elizabeth McReynolds (8th, 15:52.48), Abby Hix (9th, 15:58.17), (Danielle Hammock, 10th, 16:00.65), Sarah Coonce (11th, 16:03.98), Paytn Carter (17th, 17:31.90), Mahalah Boone (19th, 17:40.12)

Varsity boys medals: Jacob Sparks (1st, 12:23.11), Aaron Gottlied (2nd, 12:33.41), Parker Linder (3rd, 12:40.96), Ethan Delk (8th, 13:29.54), Maddox Beaty (9th, 13:32.36), Owen Hadlock (14th, 14:04.10), Noah Finn (16th, 14:09.24), Kaleb Spears (18th, 14:11,71), Jaxon Humphrey (19th, 14:12.19)

Highlights September 9, 2017

Photos by Lynn Dawson

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