Cumberland County Mugshots 9-25-17

Check out the Cumberland County mugshots from the week of 9-25-17.

Roger Young-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseJoyce Young-Violation of Probation-Theft of MerchandiseCynde Young-Possession Drug ParaphernaliaRobert Winn-Public IntoxicationLawrence Wilson-Violation of ProbationAshton Williams-Theft of MerchandiseDonnie Whittenburg-Aggravated AssaultMichael Watson-Child SupportBrenda Vasquez-Failure of Appear-Violation of ProbationFred Threet-Violation of ProbationCaleb Terry-Violation of ProbationCheryl Teasley-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseMark Symes-Failure to AppearJames Sullivan-Violation Community Correction-MAN-DEL-SELL or Possession of MethMichael Stottlemire-Failure to AppearWilliam Rector-Public IntoxicationTroy Rector-MFG_DEL_SELL Controlled Substance-Unlaw Possession Drug Paraphernalia-Reckless EndangermentTammy Ratliff-DUIJerry Presley-Aggravated Assault-Possession of Methamphetamines-Unlaw Possession of WeaponJamie Presley-Disorderly ConductWalter Pittman-Violation of ProbationJohn Phipps-Violation of Bond ConditionsJessica Parker-Failure to AppearDustin Parker-Violation of ProbationJames Pardue-Commit for Sexual BatteryAngel Palmer-Theft of MerchandiseSean Mutchler-Aggravated Assault-Failure to AppearCarlos Morales-Pre-TrialArthur Mells-Driving under the InfluenceLarry Ledbetter Failure to AppearBridgette Ledbetter-Parole ViolationMindy Lawson-Driving underDanielle Lake-Failure to AppearJames Knox-Failure to AppearNatoshia Jordan-Simple Possession SCH 1 and SCH 2Worth Johnson-CommitJason Hudgens-Aggravated Assault-VandalismScreen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.22.49 PMBradley Hill-Violation of Probation-CT 3 and CT 4Augusta Glass-Violation of ProbationZachary Gathercole-Public IntoxicationAmy Garrett-Sale and Delivery Oxycodone-MFG-SELL-Deliver SCH IIWhitney Fuchs-Violation of ProbationJeremy Foster-48 Hour CommitCarl Collins-Violation of Probation-Warrant Arrest from Another StateMarsha Clark- 2 CTS Theft of MerchJason Cantrell-Failure to Appear- DOM Assault-Aggravated AssaultJack Brumbalough-Failure to AppearJennifer Bruce-Failure To PayJerri Brown-Failure to AppearScreen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.07.10 PMJames Bradford-Theft of Property-Criminal TrespassingScreen Shot 2017-09-30 at 10.05.33 PMWalter Beaty-Theft of Property-Criminal TrespassingAmanda Gray-Violation of Prbation-To Do Court Ordered Jail TimeGary Godsey-Driving While Restricted copyJeremy Foster-Commit Time copyKayla Fields- Violation of Probation-Criminal Trespassing copyJacob Edmonds-Aggravated Assault copyRichard Dolan-Failure to AppearJohnny Dishman-AssaultTony Davis-Criminal Trespassing-Theft of Property copyJacob Davis-Misdeameanors copyBrandy Davis-Failure to Appear copyTimothy Cope-Possession Drug Paraphenalia-MAN-DEL-SELL or Possession Meth-Public Intoxication copyNicholas Cooke-Child Abuse and NeglectRebecca Barnes-Failure to Appear-Criminal ImpersonationChristopher Baird-Aggravated Burglary-Theft of Property-Possession of a Legend DrugAndrea Allred-Driving the Influence-Violation Implied Consent Law-Possession of a Counterfeit Substance-Possession of a Legend Drug-Possession Drug ParaphenaliaAndres Aguilar-DUI