Smith County Mugshots 10-16-17

Check out the Smith County mugshots from the week of 10/16/17.

Scottie West-Violation of ProbationRonald Tucker-Domestic AssaultLindsay Terry-Serving Time-Public intoxicationPhyllicia Speck-Theft of PropertyLisa Rich-FraudBrenda Reeder-Allowing Animals to Run at LargeGregory Pilant-James Newberry-possession of SCH VIMatthew Madewell-Violation of ProbationAlana Knight-Reckless Driving- Driving DUILaura Jackson-Contempt of CourtSamuel Hopper-Domestic Aggravated Assault-Possession of Weapson to go Armed-Domestic Assault-False ImprisonentDavid Hickman-Drug Court SanctionMarty Harris-Fraud-MFG-DEL_SELL Controlled Substance-Criminal AttemptPatti Hall-Holding for Another AgencyBilly Grisham-DUIMark Green-Failure to Appear Violation of ProbationAmy Franklin Washer-DUI by AllowingHolly Fordyce-Violation Check LawNichole Dean Pryor- Holding for Another AgencyKari Carter-Drug Court SanctionRonald Blanks-Violation of ProbationJustin Blanks-Violation of ProbationMeredith Billingsley-Violation of ProbationBrandon Bates-Theft of PropertyNicholas Allmon-Violation Implied Consent Law-Possession of firearm while under Influence-DUI-Reckless Endangerment