Cumberland County Mugshots 11-16-17

Check out this week’s Cumberland County mugshots.

Devan Winningham-Driving on Revoked LicenseTyler Zundel-Warrant for Arrest From Another StateTimothy Teasley-Failure to AppearMichael Underwood-Failure to AppearRobert Williams-Failure to AppearDannie Turner-Driving on Revoked LicenseDavid Waldo-Domestic AssaultDestiny Tirey-Unlawful Possession of a Weapon-Criminal ImpersonationTammy Swallows-Criminal Trespassing-Theft of MerchandiseEdward Sprout-Evading Arrest-Driving on Revoked License-Driving While In Possession of Meth-Possession of MethRobin Smith-Public IntoxicationAnthony Smith-Theft of Merchandise-Criminal Trespassing-Theft of PropertyAustin Stokes-Domestic AssaultChristopher Stowell-Failure to AppearJohn Sexton-Violation of ProbationJoshua Sherrill-Theft of PropertyRuby Sexton-PIDon Simmons-Theft of PropertyEdward Sherrill-Violation of ProbationHaley Shell-PIStephanie Scheffler-Commit Time For MisdemeanorReuben Scarlett-Simple Possession-Unlawful Possession Drug Paraphernalia-Driving While In Possession of Meth-Driving on Suspended License-Meth-Failure to AppearBrandi Sengpiel-Commitment Time For MisdemeanorJonathan Russell-Meth-Evading Arrest-Contraband in Penal Institution-Disorderly Conduct-Resising ArrestMelissa Robinson-Child SupportLarry Reed-Driving on Suspended License-Simple Possession Sch VI-Meth-Contraband in Penal InstitutionRosemarie Nappi-Commit Time For MisdemeanorRyan Prevatte-Contempt of CourtAlan Price-Child Support-Violation Community CorrectJoey Pugh-Simple Possession of Meth-Theft of Merchandise-Failure to AppearJohn Petro-Commit Time For MisdemeanorKara Manley-Failure to AppearMichael Meadows-Theft of PropertyRyan Molthen-Serve Three DaysAndrew Martin-Busher-Theft of PropertyBilly Mincey-Theft of PropertyCody Marlatt-Commitment Time For MisdemeanorShanna Lowery-2 Day CommitSteven Lanik-Public Intoxication-Simple PossessionWilliam Lawson-Driving on Suspended LicenseAlec Ledbetter-MethKristina Kerley-Hold With OutPedro Juarez-No Driver LicenseNatoshia Jordan-Commitment Time For MisdemeanorAmber Hubbard-Failure to AppearJustin Johnson-Theft of PropertyKenny Johnson-Hold for Other DepartmentSteven Henry-Failure to AppearKelly Hood-In For CourtAlan Harris-MethCarolyn Helminski-Return From DeKalb CountyIsaac Grounds-Violation of Probation-HoldMatthew Graham-DUIMaurico Grandos-Driving on Suspended LicenseRyan Gill-Failure to AppearAlbert Godsey-Driving on Suspended LicenseJoshua Graham-DUI-Vehicular AssaultLancer Goss-Failure to Appear-TheftJohn Gallagher-Failure to AppearKenny Ford-Violation of ProbationBradley Fields-DUI-Violation of Implied ConsentFreddy Gardner-Returned from Moccasin BendJeremy Foster-Commit Time For MisdemeanorAndrea Cagle-Violation of ProbationEmilee Breazeale-MethJonathan Dobbs-Theft of Property-Burglary-Criminal ImpersonationJoshua Dirscheri-Driving on Revoked LicenseKayla Edwards-Criminal Impersonation-Meth-Hold for 30 Days-Violation of ProbationMonica Castro-Domestic AssaultCharlie Blackmon-Domestic AssaultCrystal Baleja-Simple Possession-Theft of MerchandiseKyle Barnes-Public Intoxication-Disorderly ConductSusan Baker-Serve Five MonthsTimothy Barnes-Violation of ProbationAllen King-Burglary-Theft of Property-Vandalism

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