Cumberland County Mugshots 11-6-17

Check out this week’s Cumberland County mugshots.

Fred Threet-Public Intoxication-Criminal TrespassingElijah Wyatt-Purchasing Alcohol for MinorElyjah Wortham-Underage ConsumptionMackensie Williams-Underage ConsumptionChristine White-Criminal Impersonation-Violation of ProbationChristina Westervelt-DUI-Implied Consent LawJoanna Wlaker-Violation of ProbationJonathan Waldrup-DUIBrandon Vance-Hold for Other DeptJesus Ugalde-Purchasing Alcoholic Beverage for ChildRobert Smith-Criminal Impersonation-Evading Arrest-Simple PossessionJoshua Smith-Aggravated Assault-Public IntoxicationSeth Sherrill-Violation of Probation on Failure to Appear 06 19 17 Criminal TrespassingKelly Sanders-Contempt of CourtTravis Sadula-Disordely Conuct-Resisting ArrestElizabeth Rockstead-Warrant for Arrest from another State-Violation of ProbationDale Robertson-Violation of Probation- Faliure to AppearFrank Roach-Hold for Bond HearingLaron Ramsey-Violation of ProbationTyler Pyles-Underage ConsumptionDebra Phillips-DUI-Violation Implied Consent LawGlynda Nunes-Failure to AppearDana Noyes Failure to Appear 09 18 17Jeremy Nobles- Driving on Suspended 6th OffenseDennis Nesbitt- CommitAlexis Monday-Purchasing Alcoholic beverage for ChildRosemarie Nappi-Commit Time Serve 3 DaysAlex Monday-Underage ConsumptionRyan Molthen-48 HR Commit TimeVerity Mobley-Drinking below the Legal AgePatty Mincks-Contempt of CourtRichard Miller-Hold for Other DeptMelissa Menendez-Failure to Appear 10 23 17Trevis Maynard-Underage ConsumptionJoshua Martin-MAN-DEL-SELL or Possession Meth-Tampering with Evidence-Violation Community CorrectionsDouglas Mackie-Violation of ProbationNathan Lukas-Underage ConsumptionShanna Lowery-Commit 2 DaysLee Littzi-Disorderly ConductDustin Lademann-Child SupportJohn Kontour-DUIEmmett Kirk-DUI-Unlawful Possession Drug ParaphernaliaJoey Kirby-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseHazel Kieffer-Failure to AppearSkyler Jordan-Underage ConsumptionNatoshia Jordan-Commitment Time for MIsdemeanorKlya Johnson-Underage ConsumptionJesse Johnson-Hold for Other DeptAaron Johnson-Failure to Appear-Public IntoxicationRobert Jenkins-Failure to Appear 10 09 17Juliana Hunter-Hold for Bond Hearing-Hold to do Jail TimeWilliam Howard-Child Support Purge 578Riley Henry-Underage ConsumptionTyrel Helton-Returned from Dekalb CountyCarolyn Helminski-Return from Dekalb CountyMelody Hamilton-Possession MethArie Hamilton-Driving on Revoked or Suspended License-Simple PossessionJustin Hale-No Drivers License-Driving on RevokedCarolyn Hackler-Leaving the Scene with Injuury-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseRaymond Gunter-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorRobert Grumbein-Violation of ProbationKevin Griffith-Failure to AppearDonelo Gomez-DUIMatthew Goforth-Vandalism-Aggravated Assault-Aggravated BurglaryGary Godsey-Failure to Appear-Driving while RestrictedSherry Goddard-Failure to AppearCody Gibson-Violation of Probation-Failure to Appear or to PayJeremy Foster-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorAlex Fagan-Violation of ProbationChauncy Elmore-Domestic AssaultWilliiam Eaton-Failure to Appear 10 30 2017Lilly Dycus-Underage ConsumptionBob Dunaway-Hold for Vaburen COCharles Dickenson-Failure to AppearCassandra Dick-Commitment Time for Misdemeanor-Simple PossessionChadwick Deavers-Failure to AppearTucker Dagle-Underage ConsumptionScreen Shot 2017-11-09 at 5.52.19 PMRodney Corbitt-Failure to AppearWilliam Cook-In for Court-Aggravated Burglary-Theft Over 2500Jeremy Clark-Commiyt Time for MisdemeanorBrandon Chumney-Violation of Probation-Simple PossessionScreen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.58.54 PMChristopher Brick-DUI-Violation of ProbationScreen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.58.40 PMAngela Breeden-Theft of PropertyAshley Braddam-Unlawful Possession Drug ParaphernaliaCharlie Blackmon-Commit Time for MisdemeanorAnthony bilbrey-Failure to AppearSamantha Belcher-Failure to AppearAileen Barrera-Underage ConsumptionChristopher barnett-Underage ConsumptionDaniel Barnes-Failure to AppearScreen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.57.41 PMAshley Asberry-Resisting Arrest-Disordery ConducyLyndsay Allred- Violation Community CorrectionJada Aguilar-Underage Consumption