Crime On The Rise For The Holidays

Crime On The Rise For The Holidays

By Brittany Lynch 


It’s that time of year again when the pressure of giving that perfect gift is right around the corner and there are several in the Upper Cumberland region who are in more of the taking spirit than in the giving.

As the Christmas season grows closer, the crime rate grows as well. Even in the Upper Cumberland incidents of theft have been on the rise. There have been three different incidents of storage units being broken into with a total of close to $4,000 being stolen.

Department stores will especially be hit hard. Within the past week, the Walmart Supercenter in Cookeville has had to call officers due to shoplifting five different occasions. Other stores in the Cookeville area such as Hobby Lobby, Bargain Hunt, Belk and the Dollar General were also hit. The thieves, in total, stole close to $2,000 in a single week.

Private homes are not even safe when it comes to thieves this time of year. A home on Locust Grove Road in Cookeville had close to $600 stolen from inside.


At the Upper Cumberland Reporter,  we want to help you take the best precautions when you’re out and about shopping for that perfect gift or when you’re storing those gifts until it’s time to wrap them up.

Be Alert

Always be cautious when moving from a store to your car or back again. Some thieves at this time of year are bold and won’t be afraid to grab things right from your hand. Don’t try to fight back. Let go of your packages and quickly make your way to the nearest safe place. Once there, call the police and give them the most accurate description as you can of the thief. Do exactly as the operator tells you and stay in the area until an officer arrives.

Lock It Up

It is always a good habit to lock your car or house doors as you exit. Some thieves will watch to see which cars/houses are left unlocked and some just walk through parking lots or neighborhoods and pull on handles to see which ones they can open with ease. To be sure everything is nice and secure and to put your mind at ease, give that handle an extra tug to see if it really is locked and won’t budge.

Don’t Leave Items Unattended

With online shopping being so convenient these days it can be difficult not to think of anyone grabbing a package with your name on it. While delivery drivers make sure that items are given to the right address they can’t always make sure they stay safe on your porch. If at all possible, see if your deliveries can have a specific time to be dropped off so that you know when to be home.


Nothing is better than finding that special gift for a friend or loved one. Always remember to be careful on your shopping trips anywhere you go. Remember to give kindly but be aware of the things around you. Especially the Grinch.