Smith County Mugshots 12/18/17

Smith County Mugshots

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Shaun Yellowman-Public IntoxicationMisty Wood-Violation Check LawNathan Williams-Failure to AppearJohnny Williams-Endangerment-Evading Arrest-Alteration of Tag-Violation of ProbationCameron Wilkerson-Bond RevocationJeffery Whited-Holding for CourtKathleen Schwartz-Failure to AppearSpencer Reid-Felony Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Criminal ImpersonationRachel Payton-Domestic AssaultMaurice Owens-Accessory After FactChristopher Montgomery-Attachment Child SupportWesley Massa-Failure to AppearBrian Lynn-Driving on RevokedJohnathan Lyda-HoldJames Kittrell-Attachment Child SupportChris Kemp-Public Intoxication-Poss Of Firearm with Under InfluenceChantel Keagle-Violation of ProbationNatalie Jones-Theft of MerchiniseGeorgia Hicks-Failure to Appear-Violation of ProbationChristopher Harn-Holding for Another AgencyLucas Hall-Failure to AppearTyler Hale-Simpl Possession-Seatbelt Law-Move over Law-Felony Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Violation of Probation-Driving on Revoked-Tampering with or Fabricating EvidenceAnthony Hackette-Domestic AssaultCurtis Gregory-Failure to AppearAdrienne Gray-Resisting Arrest-Felony Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Interference with Emergency Call-Domestic AssaultKyle Goolsby-Driving on Revoked-Reckless DrivingJasmine Garioni-Poss Controlled SubstancesCarlos Gaines-Holding for CourtJustin Estes-Violation of ProbationJenna Eisenhour-Simple Possession SCH VISandra Crawford-Violation of Probation-Falsification of Drug TestJohn Crater-Serving TimeElizabeth Collins-Violation of ProbationRobby Bowman-Failure to AppearChristopher Beale-Theft 10000 to 59999David Arredondo-Criminal Trespassing


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