The City of Crossville Police Department is announcing the availability of FREE training on how to Detect Counterfeit Currency for 2018.

Due to the influx of recent counterfeit currency reports, we are concerned as to how many merchants are accepting these sometimes good, but mostly terrible notes. If you or your employees handle cash on a regular basis, this FREE training will assist you in recognizing a bill’s authenticity. If you receive any currency that is questionable, you can call the Crossville Police for assistance to aid you in identification. Visual recognition is preferred to the use of counterfeit detection pens. This FREE Police Department training can give you information on how to detect counterfeit currency quickly and accurately.

The counterfeit currency which we routinely find are 20’s, 50’s, and 100’s. In most cases, if a merchant accepts a counterfeit bill, they lose the value of that transaction. When an individual goes to multiple locations to pass these counterfeit notes, they can accumulate a lot of money. These criminals are often unidentified because merchants may not always call for police assistance when they encounter a person passing the counterfeit notes. The notes generally are not located until the Bank receives them in a deposit.

The passing of counterfeit currency is a felony. If you find counterfeit currency, you don’t have to give the counterfeit back to the person. If they request it back, inform them you are calling the Police and they should wait for an officer to assist them. If they become violent give the bill back and call the police, immediately! If you can, try to get information like vehicle description, license tag number, and description of the person, who tried to pass the counterfeit currency, including their clothing.

This is a crime that needs to be investigated and we need your help in reporting. Counterfeiting and the dangers it produces are more than just a financial burden for society, it can ruin your business. If your bank tells you that counterfeit notes were in your deposit, call and make a report to the Police. If we know about it, we can begin the process of investigating it.

Classes on how to identify your monetary notes are available upon request by contacting the Crossville Police Department at 931-484-7231, ask for Det. Danny Harris. Members of the Crossville Police Department can come to your business and give an informational and interactive class to your employees, at no cost to you. Help us put an end to this crime in Crossville.