Cumberland County Mugshots 1/15/18

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Acencion, Miguel Moreno - No Drivers LicenseArcher, Kendra Marie - Capias Meth for Sale; Poss SCH II Meth; Felony Capias; CC VOP X 2Ashbrook, Ashley Nichole - Failure to AppearAytes, Dexter Paul - Commit Time 80 DaysBlaylock, Marvin Leon - DOR:S DL Hold for Bledsoe CountyBraddam, Ashley Raeanne - FTA 12:21:2017 Para X 2:Sim PossBrown, Jeremy Edwards - FTA 12:18:17Carroll, Mark Lee - VOP; VOP AmendedCarter, James Edwards - DOR:DLCaswell, Donald Eugene - Domestic RelatedCharlton, Valderie Victoria - Simple Poss Marijuana; Public IntoxicationClark, Sondra Jane - Child Support X 3Cogdill, John Adam - Evading Arrest; Criminal ImpersonationCogdill, Marvin William - Hold Hamilton CountyCoulter, Krystle Ciara - Theft of MerchandiseCuster, Justin Case - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorDavis, Lindsay Nacol - Criminal Simulation; Reckless Driving; Resisting Arrest; Simple Poss; Mfg:Del:Sel Cont Sub; Simple Poss; Contraband in Penal InstitDebooy, Randall Lee - HarrassmentDickenson, Larry Preston - CC VOP; Failure to AppearEasterly, Timothy Joseph - DOS DLEvans, Caryl Suzanne - Public IntoxicationFarley, Daniel Dewayne - FTA to Pay 12:12:16 Poss ParaFloyd, Patrick Cole - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorFlynn, Elias Vaughn - FTA; DOR:S DL; GS VOP; AmendedFrance, Dustin Blaine - Public Intoxication; Filing False ReportGoforth, Edward George 4th; Failure to Appear Serve 10 DaysGolliher, Samantha Jean - DOR:S DLGomez, Danilo Lopez - Leaving Scene of Acc Prop Damage; NO DL; Failure to Report Accident; Reckless Endangerment; Sim Poss:Cas Exch; Reckless Endangerment Class E Felony; Vandalism; DUIGoodman, Dereck Scott - Contempt of CourtGrant, Matthew Lynn - Failure to AppearGreene, Corey Lee - Public IntoxicationGreene, Cory Lee - Indecent Exposure; PI (Summons) 4 HrGuilliams, Grayson Lee - Theft of PropertyHancock, Misty Dawn - Vio Order ProtectionHart, John Adam - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorHayes, Victoria Kaitlyn - Vio ProbationHeady, Robert Daniel - Failure to AppearHedgecoth, David NMN - Mfg:Del:Sel:Controlled Sub SCH VI MarijuanaHerron, Haley Michelle - Warrant for Arrest from ArkansasIori, Deborah Denise - Mfg:Sel:Del; Poss Drug Para; Simple Poss Meth; Simple Poss MarijuanaJackson, Benjamin Journal - FTA 12:4:17Johnson, Joseph Brittin - Mfg:Del:Sell:Poss Meth Sale; Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss Meth DeliveryJohnson, Kenny Lyle - Theft 1000 - 9999Johnson, Lavan Tremayne Jr - Hold Knox CountyJones, Brandon Chance - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorJones, Charles Nathaniel - Simple Poss SCH IIKemmer, Asa Loranzy - Capias Meth Sale; Capias Meth Delivery; Capias Felony; Failure to Appear; CC VOPMartin, Kristi Rae - Contempt of CourtMena-Lopez, Christian Alexand - Underage Consumption; DUI; Simple PossMiller, Levi Adam - Child SupportMiller, Tommy Ray - Violation of ProbationMolthen, Ryan Gene - Commit Time for MisdemeanorMoser, Brian James - CC Violation of ProbationMyers, Christy Lynn - Burglary; Theft of PropertyNalepa, Bryan Adam - Agg Assault; Domestic AssaultNappi, Rosemarie Yvonne - 72 Hr CommitNobles, Jeremy Johnathan - Violation ProbationNoe, Christopher Brian - DOR DLPepper, Emily Heather - Theft o:2500Phillips, Danny Ellison - Forgery X 2Phillips, Harlan Clay - Evading ArrestPugh, Ronald Dean - Failure to Appear; GS VOPRandolph, Marvin Joe-Lee - Violation ProbationRussell, Teresa Leann - Comtempt of CourtSherrill, Richard Lynn - FTA 12:11:17; FTA 1:4:18Smith, Ritchie Wayne - Failure to AppearStaggs, Willie Jason - Evading Arrest; GS Violation of Probation X 2; Failure to AppearSteele, Christine Michelle - FTA 1:8:18Sturgill, Michael joe - Burglary; Theft of PropertyThomasson, Matthew Robert - Simple Poss SCH VI; DOS DLThurman, Allison Lynn - FTA 12:11:17Todd, Samantha Jean - Simple Poss Meth; Drug ParaTrisdale, Chase Edward - Failure to Appear; Poss of MethUnser, Alan Michael - Filing False ReportVaughn, Michael Lynn - Simple Poss