Fentress County Mugshots 1/8/18

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Brannon, Tyler Joe - Conspiracy w:int to Del Cont Sub; Poss Meth over .5g in sch zone; Poss II w:intent to Del Sch Zone; Poss III w:int to Del in Sch Zone; Consp to into Contraband; Poss Drug ParaCooper, George D - Theft under 1000Falk:Stowers, Sandra H - Serving 48 HoursHall, Scott - Agg Assault; Domestic AssaultHood, Tabitha Michelle - Violation of ProbationKean, Betsy Michelle - Light Law-Motor Vehicle; Poss unlaw Drug Para; Financial Respo LawScheffler, Nickolas Michael - Auto Burglary X 4; Public IntoxicationSmith, Savannah Jade - Conspiracy w:Intent to DEL Cont Sub; Poss Meth <.5G W:Intent to Del in Schl Zone; Poss II Del in Sch Zone; Poss III Del Schl Zone; Cont into Penal Inst & Cont Sub; Poss Drug ParaWinningham, Estus - GS VOP; Falsification of a Drug Test ReslutWood, Daniel Lee - Violation of Probation