Smith County Mugshots 1-8-18

Check out this week’s Smith County mugshots. Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Christopher Maynard-Bond RevocationRobert Proctor-Violation of Probation-Falsification of Drug TestErnest Tanner-Driving on Suspended LicenseKeri Thackxton-Driving on RevokedSavannah Thiem-Theft 500 to 999 dollarsJamey Townsend-Aggravated AssaultEarnest Huff-Aggravated AssaultKenneth Hiers-Bond RevocationBrandon Hesson-Assault Aggravated Assault-Reckless EndangermentSharhonda Hall-Failure to AppearJames Gilley-Violation Check LawTheodore Edge-Holding for Another AgencyCaroline Conner-Driving on RevokedKari Cater-Drug Court SanctionAngela Burnley-Driving on Suspended LicenseJoshua Branner-Child SupportDavid Branner-Failure to Appear-Vioaltion Conitional Release-Stalking-Harassment-Theft of MerchindiseShawn Boyd-Theft of MerchindiseJamie Boyd-Violation of ProbationNicholas Allmon-Aggravated Assault-Violation of Order of Protection