Fentress County Mugshots 3/19/18

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Amox, Katelyn - Housing for Pickett County ; Sessions VOPBrown, Richard A - Violation of Light Law; Poss Meth; Poss Unlaw Drug Para Uses & ActClark, Joshua Shane - Domestic Assault by Strangulation; False Imprisonment; Child Support X 2Clayborn, Ronnie L - Vio Order of Protection:Restraint; Agg StalkingCravens, Johnathan Kendrick - Theft under 1,000Estes, James Kelly - Criminal TrespassEstes, James Kelly - Housing for Pickett CountyGunteer, Richard D - Poss SCH II in School Zone; Failure to Stop at SignHicks, Derrick Justin - GS FTAHill, Anna Nicole - Housing for Morgan CountyHill, Anna Nicole - Poss of SCH IV w:intent to Sale:Deliver; Poss SCH VI w:intent to Sale:Deliver; Introduction into a Penal FacilityHolsapple, Gregory M - Criminal VOPHuddleston, Kevin Dale - Housing for Pickett CountyHurst, Brandon Todd - Assault Domestic Violence; False ImprisonmentJones, Joshua David - Poss Unlaw Drug Para Uses & Act; Criminal TrespassLarue, Marsha Kay - Failure to Pay FinesLarue, Michael Lynn II - Poss SCH VI <14.75 Grams for Resale; Poss Drug ParaLarue, Rachel Louise - Simple Poss of SCH VI Controlled SubLarue, Richard L - Criminal Violation of ProbationLedbetter, Phillip Ray - Sessions Violation of ProbationRhule, Joey - Housing for Pickett CountyRuddy, Charles W - Serving 64 Days per Judge SextonTaylor, John Ellis - Light Law-Motor Vehicle; Poss Meth w:intent to Sell; Poss SCH IV w:Intent to Sell; Poss Unlaw Drug Para Uses & ActWood, Daniel Lee - Criminal VOP