White County Mugshots 3/12/18

White County Mugshots

Barnes, Rebecca Dawn - Failure to AppearBelcher, Hank Aaron - Theft of Property over 1,000Bowe, Jakob Troy - Capias Failed to Appear in CourtBradley, Gereth Roy - Attachment for Child SupportBrymer, Joshua Adam - Violation of Probation 1stChampion, Samuel Miller - DUI 1st; Driving on Suspended License 1stClark, William Eugene - Hold for TrousdaleCook, Ricky Farris - Violation of ProbationCunningham, Dustin Dale - Resisting Arrest and VandalismEasterwood, Chad Eloy - Hold for Smith CountyGillis, Paul Thomas - Theft of Property over 10,000Golden, David Lynn - Violation of OOPHawkins, Travis Dewayne -Here for court from Warren CountyHines, Aaron Edward - Theft of Property (Shoplifting)Hodge, Austin Andrew - Agg Sexual Battery AttemptHoward, Ted Neil - Assault on Law Enforcement Officer; Resisting Official DetentionLee:Rigoli, Doris May - Attachment for Child Support X 2Lewis, Austin S 0 Attachment for ContemptLudwig, Gustave William - Serving Sentence on PreviousMabe, Angel Gail - Poss of Weapon by a FelonNannie, Michael A - Violation of ProbationNeafus, Bryan Cody - Hold for Another CountyPrater, Robert Harold - Failure to AppearRichardson, Terry Lynn - Failure to AppearRogers, Jody Lynn - Violation of ProbationSummers, Steven Kyle - Driving on Suspended License 4thThompson, Nicholas Colton - Public IntoxicationTodd, Steven RAy - Simple Poss SCH IITyler, Kevin Anthony - Violation of ProbationWiley, Deshaun Lasheldon - Vandalism under 1000; Contri to Deliquency of a ChildWilliamson, Stephen Douglas - Violaton of Probation 1stYoung, Michael Lynn - Attachment for Jail Sentence X 2