Cumberland County Mugshots 4/13/18

This week’s Cumberland County Mugshots.

Bilyeu, Danny Harold - Child SupportBowling, Ringo Aaron - Failure to AppearBurgess, Kevin Meade Jr. - Driving on Revoked DLCabbage, James Paris - Habitual Motor Vehicle OffenderCampbell, Michael Glenn - Simple Poss; Poss of a Legend Drug ClonazepamCauswell, Anthony NMN - Counterfeit Marks:Logos, Use of SameChartier, Michael John - FTA 3:5:18Clower, Jason Kyle - Disorderly Conduct; Public IntoxicationCross, Kenneth Dean - Violation of ParoleCuster, Justin Case - 48 Hour CommitDavenport, Leaha Chantel - Unlawful Poss Drug Para; DUI; Burglary; Possess or Exchange of MethDavis, Kimberly Elaine - Driving on RevokedDeavers, Chadwick Uriah -GS Violation of ProbationDiaz, Iris Juliet - Drug Para Marijuana; Non ComplianceDoyle, Thomas David - Violation of ProbationEdwards, Dennis Michael - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorEstep, Alexander Calob - Violation of ProbationFarley, Daniel Dewayne - FTA 3:26:18Farley, Dewey Richard - Failure to AppearFlynn, Timothy Sean - Theft of Property; Violation of ProbationGarren, Jessica Ellen - DUIGunter, Brittany Diane - DOR:S DL; Unlawful Poss Drug ParaGunter, Christy Ray - FTA 2:26:18Harvey, Davis Leon - DUIHassler, Heather Marie - GS Violation of Probation; FTA 3:19:18Heady, Christopher Robin - Initiating a Process in Mfg of Meth; Theft of PropertyHembfree, Rebecca Lynn - Criminal TrespassingHenson, Timothy Robert - Leaving Scene of Accident; Failure to Report Accident; No Driver LicenseHolmes, Jared Dewayne - Theft of PropertyHoward, Michael Paul - Unlawful Exposure; Violation of Probation X 2Hyder, Scott Monroe - Violation of ProbationJohnson, SDamuel Brock - FTA 2:5:18Jones, Rhonda Renee - CommitKearley, Boyd Alan - FTA 3:26:18; CC Violation of ProbationKerley, Whitney Ann - Violation of Probation X 2Kirby, Joey Dewayne - Failure to AppearLatham, Cynthia Darlene - Failure to AppearLedbetter, Larry David Jr - FTA Simple PossessionLedbetter, Phillip Ray - Violation of ProbationLewis, Timothy Richard - Theft of PropertyLopez, Jose Anthony - FTA 3:5:18Manis,Henry Dexter - Mfg:Del:Sell MethMarshall, David Edward - Theft of PropertyMartin, Hugh Darrell - SummonsMatheney, Leslie Michelle - Back from Overton CountyMcDaniel, Quentin Eugene - Hoskins Off Bond; Violation Order of ProtectionMeadows, Ashley Danielle - Public IntoxicationMiller, William Arnold - Mfg:Del:Sel Cont Sub Sale Oxycodone; Mfg:Del:Sell Cont Sub Del Oxycodone; TennCare FraudMills, Tracy Michelle - Failure to AppearMoore, Tanner Lynn -GS Violation of Probation; GS VOP HWO AmendedMurner, Jeffrey Lynn - DOR; Leavind Scene of AccidentMutchler, Sean Patrick - CC Violation Of ProbationNorris, Eileen Lynne - GS Violation of ProbationOwczarczak, Mark David - DUIParks, Lawrence Mack - DOS DLPayne, Kyle Jason - Violation of ProbationPetri, Brian Keith - Disorderly ConductPhillips, Amber Nacole - Hold for Davidson CountyPresley, Steven Randall - FTA X 2; In for CourtPruyt, Thomas Joseph - Failure to AppearRandolph, Larisa Kathrine - Child SupportRay, Joseph Deloye - DUI 2ndReagan, Rebecca Dawn - Simple Poss SCH II; Theft of PropertyRector, Christy Lynn - Simple PossRedwine, Darrell Keith - DOR:S DLReinhard, Robert Herman - Public Intoxication; Simple Poss MorphineRodriguez,Aguilar, William Al - DUI; DOR:S DLRouse, Thomas Henery - Disorderly ConductSherrill, James Albert - Theft of MerchandiseSherrill, Wesley Vance - Domestic Assault; Violation of Probation X 2Spivey, Todd Edward - Criminal Trespassing; FTA to Pay 10:12:15; Unlawful ExposureStone, Robert Lee - Evading Arrest X 2; Child Support; Varrant for Arrest from ColoradoStrong, Sarah Marie - DUI 1stTurner, Sarah Danielle - Theft of Merchandise X 2Walker, Dana Marie - Simple Poss Meth; Drug Para; VOP; AmendedWalker, Lastis Emerson - DOR:S DL; Do Not Release Till Sober 4th OffenseWelch, Daniel Travis - Check Previous Booking; Violation of Probation; ContemptWilliams, Kerwin Deshaun - Failure to AppearWillis, Kenneth Wayne - VandalismWilson, David Stanley - Hold for Fentress CountyWithers, Skyler Bruce - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorWood, Leslie Jo - Domestic AssaultWright, Ashley Lashelle - Hold With OutNorris, Bobby Lynn - Mfg:Del.Sel:Poss Meth; DOS-Hoskins Off Bond; Simple Poss Meth-HOB DOS DL-HOB; Mfg:Del:Sell Meth; Poss Legend Drug-HOB; DOS -HOB; Simple Poss Meth-HOB; Mfg:Del:Sel Meth-HOB