Clay County Mugshots 6/19/18

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Photos not provided for the following:

Cole, Richard A – Dometic Assault

Grice, Alica R – Domestic Assault

Hornaday, Jeannie S – Violation of Probation

Smith, Juwain T – Public Intoxicatin; Criminal Trespass

Upchurch, Harley B – Failure to Pay Fines by Defendants

Beechboard, Wyeath - Serving TimeBlakley, Alisha J - Violation of Probation; Child Abuse:NeglectDallas, Larry Joe - Violation of Order of ProtectionFox, Sheree S - Domestic AssaultHamlet, Larry Dwayne - Domestic AssaultLewis, Victor - Custodial InterferenceMcTaggart, Cody Michael - AssaultNorris, Thomas E - Violent Sex Offender Compliance; SCH II Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss; Theft of Services; Felony VOP; Sex Offender Violation;Felony Violation of ProbationStafford, Carrie L - Violation of Probation.pgStevens, Christopher D - Criminal Trespassing; Driving while license SuspendedStrong, Adam M - Domestic AssaultStrong, Joe Thomas - Domestic Assault