Clay County Mugshots 6/28/18

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List of those charged with No photos:

Blakley, Nathaniel S – Driving While License Revoked/Suspended; Public Intoxication

Camp, Lindsay D – Simple Poss/Casual Exchange; Public Intoxication; Failure to Appear

Devries, David G – Hold for Court

Stevens, Phillip L – Failure to Appear

Biggs, Dennis B - Violation of ProbationBlakley, James G - Public IntoxicationBoles, Dusty Shene - Child Abuse:Neglect - Non Violent; Domestic AssaultDailey, Corey W - Aggravated Assault; Evading arrestMurley, Steven R - Sexual BatteryPearce, Jesse D - Violation of Probation; Driving on Revoked DLRaper, Devonte R - Driving While License Revoked:Suspended; Mfg:Del:Sell:Poss; Poss Firearm During or Att Dang Felony; Reckless Endangerment; Evading ArrestRoberts, Donald E - Failure to AppearScott, Chase D - Implied Consent; DUIScott, Tonya j - False Report; Driving on Revoked DLStimson, David R - Failure to Appear X3Williams, Bojan A - Domestic Assault