Smith County Mugshots 6/21/18

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Minor, Marvin I - Poss of SCH II DrugsBanks,Erin Marie - Theft of Property; Poss Controlled Substances; Resisting Arrest; Evading ArrestComstock, Steven Radford - Driving on RevokedDye Jr, Ronald Gene - Driving on Suspended LicenseElmore, Aaron Scott - Driving on Revoked DLGonzalez, Christian Jordan - Driving on Suspended License; Holding for InvestigationGrice, Alicia Rena - Holding for Another AgencyGrisham, April Sunshine - Attachment:Child SupportHarris, Marty Dwayne Jr - Theft of Property; Poss Controlled Substance X2; GS Violation of ProbationHooberry, Robin Kotschumian - Public IntoxicationJones, Dustin Wayne - Holding For Investigation; Driving on RevokedLee, Stefanie V - GS Violation of ProbationLong, Kevin Lyle - Public IntoxicationLuper, Helen Rena - Public Intoxication; Poss of SCH IV; VandalismPhillips, Bobbie J - Poss Legend Drug w:o Prescription; Felony Poss Drug Para; DUI; Poss Controlled SubstanceWagner, Andrew Philip - GS Violation of ProbationWallace,Betty Jane - Theft >$500.00-$999.00Wilson, Kristin Shelby - GS Violation of ProbationWoods, Jonathan Lamont - CC Violation of ProbationYoung, Kaleb D - Reckless EndangermentMassa, Wesley Allen - Failure to Appear X2McCall, Lisa Michelle - Serving TimeMurphy, John Wayne - Allowing Animals to run at LargeNedrow, Ronald Dean - Public Intoxication; GS Violation of ProbationPatterson, Johnathan David - Holding for Court