Clay County Mugshots 7/10/18

Clay County Mugshots

Mugshots without Photos:

Head, Jason M – Worthless Checks; Attachment

Hix, Patrick William – Theft of Property X2

Ledbetter, William K -Failed to Appear

Leverett, Kelsea – Child Abuse or Neglect – Non Violent X2

Mills, David Wayne – Aggravated Assault; Domestic Assault; Violation Order of Protection

Barlow, Scott – Parole Violation

Jones, Nathan Ryan – Failure to Pay

Ritter, Michael Anthony –  Failure to Appear

Weiss, Robert E – Failure to Appear X2

Heath, Christopher Charles - Violation of ProbationParsons, Ronnie Abe - Violation of ProbationSpivey, Selvin - Aggravated AssaultStinson, Bradley Gleason - Serving Time for White CountyWilliams, Bojan Allen - Failure to Appear