Cumberland County Mugshots 7/5/18

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Baker, April Michelle - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorBarber, AManda jo - Violation of Probation X 3Barnes, Daniel Isaiah - FTA 5:21:18Bauer, Marie Neah - Federal holdBelcher, Samantha Marie - Disorderly Conduct; Unlawful Poss Drug Para; Simple PossBerry, Scotty Lee - Violation Bond ConditionBickford, Steven Cody - Unlawful Poss Drug Para; Simple Poss; Driving on Revoked:Suspended; Violation of Probation CCBilbrey, Anthony Quinn - FTA 5:31:8Brown, Jessica Renae - Faillure to AppearCantrell, Jason Howard - Domestic AssaultCarey, Robert Brein - Simple Poss; Simple Poss SCH VICollins, Holly Lynn - GS Violation of Probation; FTA 12:19:16 To Pay; FTA 3:7:17; Failure to Complete Rehab; To Do Jail TimeCopeland, Harve Daly - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorCoulter, James Nelson - AttachmentCrawford, Toby Chad - Violation of Order of Protection:RestraintCreason, Bradlee Earl - Domestic AssaultCross, Arron Christopher - Violation of ProbationDaggy, Rocky Everett - FTA 6:18:18 Driving on SuspendedDavis, Joshua Ray - Reckless EndangermentDelbeck, Karen Berneice - FTA to Pay; FTA 4:12:18 False Report,2 cts Violation Probation; Violation of Probation HWO X2Dery, Brandan Michael - Domestic Assault; VandalismDodson, Jeffery Lynn - GS Violation of ProbationDodson, Jonmathan Edward - FTA 4:23:18 To PayDowns, Claudine Bertha - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorDuff, Christopher Lee - Felon in Poss Weapon X 8Dunaway, Lesley Lauren - Hold for Putnam CountyDunn, Joseph Dainel -Evading ArrestGann, Michael NMN - Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss Meth; Unlawful Poss of Drug ParaGriffith, David Lynn Jr - Criminal Attempt; Failure to Return as InstructedGrimes, Brandon Dalton - Reckless Driving; Evading Arrest; Reckless EndangermentGunter, Scott Anthony - Domestic AssaultHamby, Casey Blake - Theft of MerchandiseHamilton, Arie NMN - Falsification of Drug Test Result; GS Violation of ProbationHill, Stephanie Marie - GS Violation of ProbationHolsonback, Ronald Scott - Violation Order of ProtectionHorn, Nichole Leshae - Failure to AppearHouston, Christian Gage - Oxycodone in Drug Free School Zone; Oxycodone in Drug Free ZoneHoward, Erica Mae - Domestic AssaultHuff, Jamie Dawn - CC Violation of Probation X2Huff, Nathan Scott - CC Violation of Probation X 2Ingram, Christina Marie - Public IntoxicationIrwin, Maynard Gleen - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorJohnson, Johnny Lee - CC Violation of ProbationJohnson, Samantha Kay - CC Violation of ProbationJones, Bobby Lynn - Violation of Probation; AmendedJones, Megan Elizabeth - FTA 2:5:18; Fraudulent Use of a Credit:ATM CardKeeton, Daniel Aaron - Driving on Revoked:Suspended DLKirkland, Sarah Anna Jean - SCH II Drug Violations; Delivery; Sale of Meth; Delivery of MethKirkland, Sarah Jean - Criminal TrespassingKnight, Billy Ray - Violation of Probation X2; AIM TerminationLance, William Michael - 30 Day CommitLett, Elizabeth Ann - FTA 12:22:14 2 cts ViolationLopez, Jeronimo Cifuentes - Public IntoxicationLounds, Camerson Blake - Driving on Revoked DLLuquire, Shelia Ann - DUIMatherly, Kellie Ann - Public IntoxicationMatthews, William Larry - Driving on Revoked DL 1stMiller, Joseph Oren - Hold for Robertson CountyMonday, Donald Lynn - 2 Day CommitPatton, John Noble - Driving on Revoked DL; Simple Poss MethPayne, Malcolm Daniel - Commitment Time for Misdemeanor.jgpPhillips, Harlan Clay - Public IntoxicationPrice, Timothy Wayne - FTA 6:21:18 Theft of PropertyPuckett, Christopher Allen - Violation of Bond ConditionsPugh, Joey Allen - Falsification of Drug Test ResultReagan, Heaven Leann - To PayReed, Dakota Michael - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorRichardson, Tommy Heath - Driving on Revoked:Suspended DL; Poss Drug Para; Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss MethRoberts, Thomas Eugene - FTA 5:14:18 Driving on Suspended DLRowlins, Margie Mary -Theft of MerchandiseSanders, Christopher James - Hold for Anderson CountySanders, Clayton Eugene - DUI; Violation of Implied Consent; Filing False ReportSexton, Hannah Marie - Child Support; FTASlaven, Jason Lee - Return to Moccasin BendSmithson, Ronald Lane - Criminal Impersonation X3Swallows, Tammy Michelle - Hold to Do Jail TimeTabor, Jeffery Lynn - Resisting Arrest; Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss Meth; Disorderly Conduct; Public Intoxication or When SoberTaylor, Christopher Allen - FTA 4:5:18 Aggravated Assault; Evading Arrest; Felony Reckless EndangermentTaylor, Christy Nichole - CC Violation of ProbationThomas, Kimberly Ann - Domestic AssaultThomas, Melissa Kay - Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss Meth; Poss Ddrug ParaUnser, Alan Michael - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorUsry, Matthew Bryant - FTA 11:16:17Vallin, Terence Mitchell - Burglary; Unlawful Poss Drug Para; Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss Meth; VandalismWatson, Anthony Scott - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorWilliams, Kerwin Deshaun - Aggravated Burglary; Aggravated Assault; GS Violation of Probation X2Williams, Terry Matthew - Driving on Revoked DLWyrick, Darian Nicole - FTA 5:31:18 Drug ParaYott, Cristie Annette - Unlawful Poss Drug Para; Poss of a Legend Drug

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