Putnam County Mugshots 7/10/18

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Almutairi, Hussain - GS Violation of Probation DUIArnett, Tyler Johnston - Burglary AttemptedBailey, Terrance Alan - Theft of Property; Criminal TrespassingBanks, Caysie Elizabeth - Mfg Del Sel Controlled SubstanceBiauce, Kaleb Austin - CC Violation of Probation Fraudulent Use of Debit CardBrown, Jennifer Melissa - DUIBuckmaster, Coty Russel - Surrender of Principal; GS FTA P 5 13 18 VOP; GS Violatiom of ProbationBurgos, Cesar Alonzo - Public Intoxication; Drivers License Violations Fraudulent Unlawful UseCarter, Seth Lee - Mfg Del Sell Controlled SubstanceClick, Dustin Ryan - Mfg Del Sel Meth; Mfg Del Sel Poss Controlled Substance; TheftCornelius, Andrew Dewight - Surrender of Principal; GS FTA P 4 25 18; Criminal ImpersonationDalton, Holly Renee - GS Violation of Probation TheftFarago, Wyatt - Criminal TrespassingGarrison, Donald Ray - Aggravated AssaultGirvin, Lucky Lee - Driving on Revoked Suspended LicenseHarris, Craigen Dewayne - Violation of Parole SCH II Drugs CocaineHawks, Brent Douglas - Theft of Property; Contraband in Penal Institution; Citation Simple Poss Casual ExchangeHayes, Laura St.John - Meth Free Tennessee Drug Act Meth Mfg; Poss Drug ParaHenley, Nicolas R - Resisting ArrestHennessee, Natalie Elizabeth - DUI; Reckless EndangermentHenry, Joel Eugene - Evading Arrest; Reckless EndangermentHensley, Brandon Michael - Public IntoxicationHill, Steven Tyler - CC Violation of ProbationHorn, Nicole Lashea - GS Violation of Probation DOS; GS FTA P DOSHudgens, Christopher Douglas - Public Intoxication; Resisting ArrestHurst, Michael Austin - Filing False ReportJose, Esteban Jesus - GS Violation of ProbationKennedy, Brent David - GS Violation of Probation Poss Drug ParaKeyes, Daniel Jeffery - CC Violation of Probation Aggravated AssaultKing, Zachary Tyler - Public IntoxicationKopinski, Mark Walter - Interference with Emergency Calls; Aggravated Burglary; Robbery; Domestic AssaultKulisek, Nicholas Charles - Mfg Del Sel Poss Controlled Substance X2Lancaster, Steve Corman - Aggravated BurglaryLeming, Richard Lee - BurglaryLewis, Olivia Frances DA - Violaiton of Drinking Age Law; Public IntoxicationLondono, Tyler Alexander - CC Violation of ProbationLooney, Danny Lee - DUILowe, Julia Nicole - Public Intoxication; Surrender of Principal; Public IntoxicationLowry, Matthew S - Fugitive From JusticeMartinez-Santos, Gregorio Ruben - Public Intoxication; GS FTA P 3 12 18Matias, Cesar Julio Berduo - Public IntoxicationMayberry, Tyler Anthony -Theft of PropertyMcCloud, Jeffery Darrell - CC Violation of Probation TheftMcLerran, Cameron Lynn - Failure to Registar as a Sex Offender.jpgMcMullan, David Raymond - GS Violatio of Probation TheftMiller, Alan Wayne - CC Violation of Probation Simple Poss and Theft X2; Criminal Summons TrespassMitchell, Stetson Lee - Public IntoxicationMoore, Fred Tyler - Escape; Criminal ImpersonationMyler, Jacob Hiram - Fraudulent Use of Credit Card; Theft of PropertyOakley, Steve Richard - DUIPark, Edward Chan Kyuk -Mfg Del Sel Poss Controlled Sub; Poss Drug ParaPorter, Crystal S - 911 Calls in Non Emergency SituationsProvau, Daryl Wilson - DUIRasor, KristinaMarie - CC Violation of Probation of Meth Manufacture X2Reynolds, Jeffery James - GS Violation of ProbationReynolds, Tommy Michael - GS Violation of Probation; GS FTA P 4 27 14 for Simple PossRobinson, Jeremy Lance - GS Violation of Probation Rule #1,9,14Rodgers, Brittany Latasha - Theft of Property; Criminal TrespassingSebastian, Andres Pedro - Public Intoxication.Southerland, James Darren - DUISouza, Robert William - CC Violation of ProbationSpivey, Bradley Shane - Aggravated Assault X2Stacy, Christopher Blake - Surrender of Principal Violation of Probation; GS FTA P Probation Violation; GS VOP.jphUrban, Kristi Marie -Fugitive from Justice; Citation Unlawful Poss Drug Para; Citation Criminal ImpersonationWebster, Joseph Love - Domestic Assault; Public IntoxicationWilliams, David Gordon - Criminal Trespassing

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