Cookeville Man Arrested For Reportedly Throwing Girlfriend’s Head Into Counter

COOKEVILLE, T.N. — A Cookeville man was taken into custody after he first broke into his girlfriend’s home several days prior to his domestic assault charge, according to police.


On August 7th, Christopher Cunningham, 33, was allegedly taken into custody after he entered the home of his girlfriend on Forrest Cove Lane in Cookeville. According to the report, Cunningham broke a window in the basement of the residence, causing a $1,000 in damage. After Cunningham entered through the window, the report states that he traveled to the bedroom where he found his girlfriend and proceeded to push her.


Later on August 11th, Cunningham went to the event, Wine on the Westside, with his girlfriend and another friend. Allegedly, Cunningham climbed behind the wheel even though he was allegedly inebriated, according to the warrant. Cunningham then hit a fixed object twice, both while backing up, according to police. Allegedly, his girlfriend claimed that she was in fear to say anything because of how irate Cunningham could become. Another passenger was in the car at the time of the accident.


Finally on August 12, police say Cunningham and his girlfriend were in an argument around 2:30 in the morning. Allegedly, Cunningham became upset and grabbed his girlfriend by the hair and then hit her head into the kitchen counter. According to the report, the officer who responded to the call noticed that a chunk of the girlfriend’s hair was missing from her head.


Cunningham has been charged with Aggravated Burglary, Domestic Assault x2, Vandalism, Reckless Endangerment x2, and Reckless Driving. His total bond is set at $47,000.


All parties are innocent until proven guilty.