5 First Responders Receive Commendation & Award

5 First responders receive Commendation and Award


September 12, 2018 – Crossville, TN – In recognition of their outstanding performance, which helped save a life on August 6th 2018, five first responders were awarded the Crossville Police Department’s Life Saver Award. The heroic actions taken by the 5 First Responders resulted in the successful resuscitation of a citizen of Crossville, who was found unresponsive and had no pulse.


On August 6, 2018 at approximately 0430 hours, Officer Brandon Griffin responded to a Mockingbird Drive residence for an unresponsive male. Firefighters, Jeremy Mangas and Nathan Wattenbarger, with the Crossville Fire Department, arrived on scene just prior to Officer Griffin’s arrival.


During the assessment, it was found that Mr. Anthony Tollett did not have a pulse and cardio pulmonary resuscitation was started, with Officer Griffin performing chest compressions while both firefighters made ready the equipment to further the lifesaving procedures.


Paramedics Bethany Mangas and Mike Burdick arrived and shortly after it was determined a pulse had been reestablished. Mr. Tollett was loaded into the ambulance, where further treatment was rendered before he was transported to Cumberland Medical Center and ultimately survived the ordeal.


“I am thankful you chose to serve the citizens of Crossville, TN as a First Responder.” said Crossville Police Chief Chris Kendrick. “Your training and willingness to serve, have helped the citizens of Crossville more than you will ever know or be recognized for. I am proud of you, and the service and sacrifice you make each and every day.”


All five first responders were presented with a Commendation letter and the Life Saver Award.