August Building Permits for Putnam County

August was another booming month for construction out in the County with 29 permits for 4.5 million. For the months of July and August we had 64 permits for 8.5 million in construction, which compared to the same two months of last fiscal year, is a 19% increase.


Comparing fiscal year July-June of 2017-2018  to 2016-2017 we were up 19% and 2016-2017 was a record setting year with almost 35 million in new construction.


Since January of 2015, we have had 1,064 permits for total construction of 123 million dollars. 643 of those permits were for new single family residential houses.


Please remember these numbers do not include any construction inside of the cities, out in the County only.


Our economy continues to hit on all cylinders with record construction and low unemployment.