Fentress County Mugshots 9/10/18

Fentress County Mugshots

Beechboad, Jamie A - Housing for Pickett CountyBelt, Donna Faye - Public IntoxicationBoatwright, Tonya Lynelle - Simple Poss of Marijuana; Poss of ParaBunting, Joseph Richard - Session Violaiton of ProbationCausey, Shannon K - Violation of ProbationClouse, Clifton Loyd - Holding for Cheatham CountyCrabtree, Richard O- Violation of ProbationCrabtree, Valerie Kim - DUICravens, Bridgette D - Violation of ProbationDalton,Jeremy J - Agg Assault; Attempted Homicide; Attempted VandalismHall,Teddy Dean - Poss Meth; Poss Drug Para; Drivng on Revoked; Financial Responsivility; Light LawHamby, AMy Madgalne - Poss Unlawful Drug Para; Simple Poss MethHill, Cotey Van - Reckless Driving; Passing in a No Passing Zone, Speeding in School ZoneIpock, Braxton Cole - Reckless EndangermentKassow, Ashley Nicole - Violation of ProbationLacy, Cassandra Dalton - Domestic AssaultLinder, Gentry Lee - Pickett CountyLittrell, Robert A - Poss SCH II w:Intent to Resale; Poss Unlawful Drug Para Uses and ActMellinger, Melissa Aline - Driving on Revoked; Poss Drug ParaMiller, Kristina Yvonne - Driving while License Suspended:Cancelled or RevokedNurse, Simon Andrew - Solitation of Sexual Exploitation of a MinorPeebles, Brandy - Session Violation of ProbationPotter, Robert Trent - Poss SCH III; Poss Drug Para; Simple Poss Meth; SpeedingPryor, Angela Megan - Housing for Another CountyRoberts, Christopher Micheal - Domestic AssaultRoysden, Alana S - Violation of ProbationX 2Sharp, Gary T - DUI; Driving on SuspendedSmith, Christopher L - Sessions VOPSmithers, Cassandra Jolene - Criminal VOPSouth, Robert Clayton - Failure to AppearStamps, Ethan Shayne - Driving W:O A License; Financial ResponsibilityStarr, Jessica Lynn - Violation of ProbationSwafford, Darrell Lee - Driving While LIcense Sus:Can:RevWarden, Justin Lee - Violation of ProbationWinningham, Tiffany D - Simple POss of Percocet; Poss Meth; Mfg:Sel:Del MoriphineWoodward, Jessica L - Criminal Trespass