Cumberland County Mugshots 6/26/17

June 26, 2017

Cumberland County Mugshots

Alderman, Jake Evan - DUI 2nd OffenseBailey, Christian Dawn - CC FTA; GS FTA; VOS; Criminal Impersonation; Agg Assault; Reckless EndangermentBailey, Dan Thomas - O:R Bond When SoberBaughman, Kenneth Steven - Theft of Merchandise; Serve 3 month in Jail; Hold to Do Jail TimeBillings, Timothy Ray Lee - Hold for Roane CountyBlaylock, Rebecca June - Domestic AssaultBoatwright, Tonya Marie - Vandalism; Theft of Property; Theft of PropertyBoles, Ricky Cornell - Capias=Hold WithoutBowling, Ringo Aaron - FTA 6:21:17 for DUI:Poss MethBrandy, Thomas Levi - Simple Poss MarijuanaBritton, Johusa Edward - Capias=Hold With Out; FTABurke, Jennifer Sue - Simple Poss; Theft of MerchandiseCole, Jeffrey Landon - Commitment Time for ImsdemeanorConner, Joshua D - DUICrawford, Thomas Ryan - DOR:S DL; Mfg:Del:Sel Controlled Sub MethCrutcher, Steven Nicholas - Theft of Merchandise; Criminal TrespassingDaugherty, Austin Wilson - DUI; Simple Poss; Unlawful Poss Drug ParaDavidson, Timothy Todd - CC VOPDavis, Aaron Ray - 72 Hour CommitDavis, Jacob Newton - Unlawful Poss Drug Para; DOR DLDayton, Jonathan Ray - GS VOP; FTADickens, Sam Dayjon - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorDishman, Stuart Paul - Commit Time for MisdemeanorEldridge, Timothy Douglas - FTA 6:8:17; FTA 6:19:17Floyd, Shawn Kevin - DUI 3rd OffenseFoster, Jeremy Scott-; GS VOPGibson, Cody Eugene - Disorderly Conduct; Public IntoxicationGodsay,Robin Michelle - DOS DLGreatorex, Andrea Lee - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorGreen, Olivia - Violation Bad Check LawGrumbein, Robert Harrison - In for Court Knox CountyGuffey, Norman Lee - Theft of Property; DOR:S DLHall, Kimberly Ann - Hold for DeKalb CountyHamby, Mark Shannon - FTA 3:9:17Horn, Sean Douglas - CC VOP; Poss of Meth; Unlawful Poss Drug Para; DOS DLHughley, Cedric Labron - Vio Bond ConditionsIrin, Blake Ellery - Mfg:Del:Sel Controlled Sub Marijuana; Simple Poss Oxy; Simple Poss Cocaine; Unlawful Drug ParaJohnson, Kenny Lyle- Drug Free School Zone X2Johnson, Matthew Lewis - Domestic AssaultJolley, Brian Paul - Release Only When SoberLance, Brian Lee - FTA:DOR; FTA: No DLLane, Lisa Maxine - Sale Oxy X2; Del Oxy X2Lowery,Lindsay Lasha - Theft of MerchandiseMalone, Michael Ryan - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorManley, Kara Alease - Theft of merchandiseMcClenny, Sarah Mae - VOPMcCoy, Joseph Kent - Domestic AssaultMedley, Brianna Gayle - Agg AssaultMenges, Timothy Ira - Theft of PropertyMiller, Alan Wayne - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorMiller, Emery Dale - Mfg:Del:Sel Con SubMoore, Brian Avery - See Previous Charges VandalismOneal, Nicole Louann - Check Previous BookingPelzer, James Nicholas - Vio Order of Protection:RestraintPhillips, Danny Ellison- 2 Day CommittPike, Karen Elizabeth - Hold for Fentress CountyPrince, John Wallace Jr - Theft of MerchandiseRedmon, Michael Blake - Commitment Time for FelonyRose, Keydrick Lorenzo - Criminal Impersonation; Theft of Property over $10,000; Warrant for Arrest from another StateRussell, Britney Nicole - FTASapp, Robert Franklin -FTAScott, Mavis Lea - Commit Time for MisdemeanorSherrill, Donald Lee Jr - AssaultSherrill, Roger Lee - Domestic Assault; VandalismSmalling, Phillips Meredith - Public IntoxicationSpriggle, Arica Anne - Commitment Time for MisdemeanorStewart, Logan Alexander - DUITaylor, Jessica Lee - Fraudulent Use of Credit:ATM Card X2; ForgeryThompson, Cassie Marie - Check Previous BookingThreet, Brian Keith - FTAThreet, Kelsey Lee - GS VOPTurner, Jody Lee - VIO Order of Protection:RestraintVoss, Matthew Dillon - DOS; Unlawful Poss Drug Para; Simple Poss MarijuanaWebb, Jack Walter - Theft of MerchandiseWebb, Jacob Jackson - Theft of MerchandiseWelch, Gary Thomas - Sale SCH II X2Whited, Duane O - FTA'Woody, Gail Ann - DOR:S DLWoody, Nekisha Jane - Theft of MerchandiseWyatt, Landon Craig - DUI