White County Mugshots 7/3/17

July 3, 2017

White County Mugshots

Blaylock, Rachel Michelle - FTA DOS 2nd; VOP DOSBogle, Donna Annette - Public intoxicationBvruch, Cory Ryan - Domestic Assault 3rd OffenseCannon, Brenden J - VOPCantrell, Mary Rose - VOP on DUI 1stChilders, Willard - Serving on PreviousCollins, Charles Edward - Serving Sentence on Previous ChargeFisher, Tricia Elizabeth - VOPGagel, Kristie Lynn - Poss of Drug Para; Simple Poss SCH VIGagle, Conrad J - VOP on Vio of SORGarrett, Clara Molly - FTAGoodnight, Richard Floyd - Domestic AssaultGriffin, Scott Douglas - DOR; Poss SCH II Drugs; Poss SCH VI DrugHolder, Michael Christopher - VOP Amended on TheftJones, Andrea - Hold for Warren CountyKossa, Tonya Michelle - Burglary; Theft of Property under $1,000; Burglary; Theft of Property over $1,000Kunkle, Chad A - FTA:Public Intoxication, PossLarremendi, Christopher Wayne - Domestic Assault; Agg AssaultLedbetter, Jacqueline - Hold for Jackson CountyLewis, William Dell - Public Intoxication; Poss SCH II Oxy; Poss SCH III Suboxene; Poss SCH IV Xanax; Unlawful Drug ParaLocke, Charity Leigh Ann - Domestic AssaultLombardi, Ronald Alfred - Attachment for ContemptMcCloud, Jeffery Scott - Public IntoxicationMiller, Lori Ann - VOP on DUI 1stNash, James Ronnie - DOS 2ndOfficer, Dominique Terrell - Simple Poss SCH VI; Poss of Drug ParaParks, Sandra Rose - Poss w:o Prescrip; Fraudulent use of Credit Card; Poss Drug ParaPatterson, Reba Ann - FTA; Inititate Process to Mfg MethPost, Justin Kiel - Attachment for Child SupportPuckett, Jonathan Gerald - Domestic AssaultRogers, Corey Brett - DUI & Theft under $500Russell, Terry Andrew - Poss Drug Para; Mfg:Del:Sel SCH VIScavo, Nigholas James - Serving on DUI 1stShortridge, Jeremy A - Poss w:intengt to Mfg:Del:Sel SCH VI; Simp Poss SCH II Adderall; Simple Poss SCH III SubutekSimpson, Kristin Kay - Poss Drug Para; Poss Legend Drug w:o Prescrip; Felony Poss SCH II MethStewart, Kyle Roger - Here For Court; DOS 2ndSymes, Mark Alan - Criminal Impersonation; Theft of Property Under $1,000Taylor, Franklin Dewayne - DOS 2ndTinsley, Patricia A - Simple Poss SCH IIITreadway, Martin Shane - VOP Driving on Revoked 2ndWalters, Charles David - Fugitive from Justice (Georgia)Williams, Michael Andrew - VOPWilliams, Rebecca Sue - FTA:R; VOP X2Young, Michael Lynn - DOS 3rd Offense