Cumberland County Mugshots 9/11/17

Check out the Cumberland County mugshots from the week of 9/11/17.

Herbert Massey-Parole ViolationsRay Marshall-CommitmentTimmy Mackie-Driving on Suspended License-Simple Possession MethLindsay Lowery- Failure to Appear -Violation of Probation-TheftBilly Lowe- Hold for Other DeptJoshua LLoyd-MisdemeanorKaren Lewis-Failure to Appear or PayLuben Lakens-Violation Bad CheckJerry King-Failure to Appear-Violation of ProbationRachel Kelly-Violation of ProbationMary Jones-Aggravated Burglary-Aggravated Assault- Domestic RelatedMary Jones-Public IntoxicationWorth Johnson-Serve 40 Days or Pay PurgeMaynard Irwin-30 Day CommitmentJesse Hurst-HarrassmentJohn Humphrey-Violation of ProbationAmber Hubbard-Domestic Assault 12 HR HoldPatricia Howard- Commitment Time for MisdemeanorKelly Hood-MisdemeanorLinda Holdosh-DUI-Leaving Scene AccidentHaley Herron-Theft of Mechandise-Criminal TrespassingNathan Haskins-Violation of Probation-Commitment Time for MIsdemeanorJoseph Harmann-Simple Possession SCH 2 Meth-Armed and Dangerous-MFG-DEL-SELL of Meth-Controlled Sus=bstance Offendses-ImpersonationGeorge Hardin-Violation of ProbationJeffery Greenwood-Aggravated AssaultDebra Greenslade-Failure to AppearMichael Green- Purge Amount 1402 Dollars Cash-Failure to AppearScott Goney-For CourtTerry Glenn-Theft 1000 to 9999 Dollars-Criminal TrespassingAugusta Glass- theft of MerchandiseEddie Frady-Theft of PropertyJeremy Foster-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorRonald Floyd- MisdemeanorPatrick Floyd-Failure to Appear-Vioaltion of ProbationChristopher Farr-Failure to AppearKayla Edwards-MAN-DEL-SELL- or Pessession of MethBrandon Davis-Theft of PropertyWilliam Daugherty-Aggravated Statutory RapeScott Cook-Driving on revoked-Suspended License-Failure to AppearAlicia Caruthers-CS Purge 1147 0r 50 DaysPatrick Carr-DORCordarial Carey-Hold for Other-TiptonJoshua Bohannon-30 Day Commit TimeMiguel Andres-DUI- No Driving Licensejoanna Adamski-Driving on Revoked-Suspended Lisense-Theft of PropertyAlan Miller-Violation of Probaiton-Contempt of CourtDarrell Money-Domestic AssaultNathan Moore-Driving on Revoked- Suspended License-Reckless DrivingSarah Morgan-Failure to AppearElijah Nix- Violation of ProbationElijah Nix-Returned Court White CountyJeremy Nobles-Failure to AppearEileen Norris-Theft- Violation of Probation-Raymond Norris- Child Support-Failure to AppearWilliam Owing-Violation of ProbationGregory Oxendine-Violation of ProbationJames Pardue-Commitment Time for FelonyBeverly Parks-Leaving Scene of AccidentTammy Parsons-Failure to AppearJared Pawley-Failure to Appear-Violation of ProbationRobert Winn-Misues of 911Brandi Pedigo-Failure to AppearWendy Pedigo-Failure to AppearGuadalupe Recinos-No DLJames Reese- Commitment Time for MisdemeanorJohn Roberts- Violation of ProbationBradley Samples-Impersonation-Hold for Roane CountyMary Sheets-Failure to AppearCourtney Sanders-Domestic AssaultOwen Skinner-Hold for Evading Arrest- In for CourtBarry Smith-Returned from White County CourtTimothy Stuart-AssaultWillard Tabor-Violation of Bond ConditionsDana Walker-Failure to AppearLeah Wells- Failure to AppearSean Waters-Failure to AppearAugusta Westervelt-Theft Property-ForgeryLowell Whited-Violation Community Correction-Failure to AppearCharles Yearian- Driving on Suspened