Pickett County Mugshots 9-25-17

Check out the Pickett County mugshots from the week of 9-25-17.

Chanda Tinch-Facilitate the Delivery of Buprenorphine-SCH III Controlled SubstanceLaura Smith-Domestic AssaultDennis Lang-Driving under the Influence 1st Offence-Open Container LawWilliam Huddleston-Domestic AssaultTravis Hall-Delivery of over 2 Ounces of Marijuana-SCH IV Controlled Substance 2 CountsJoan Griffithm-Domestic AssaultSharon Cope-Delivery of Oxycodone-SCH II Controlled Substance 2 CountsJamon Carr-Violation of Probation x2- Failure to AppearBurt Brown-Failure to Appear-Delivery of Bupernorphine-SCH III Controlled SubstanceAnthony Bibrey-Domestic Assault,Coercion of a Witness 8 CountsBobby Anderson-Delivery of Morphine- SCH II Controlled SubstanceEdward Adams-Theft over 1000Jordan Aaron-Domestic Assualt-Possesssion of Drug Paraphernalia