White County Mugshots 9-11-17

Check out the White County Mugshots 9-11-17.

James Webb-Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaBarry Vinson-Hold for Putnam CountySteven Todd-Possession of Sch II Drugs-Violation of Drug Free School ZoneDanny Tackett-Failure to AppearRoxanna Stasuik-DUIDottie Smith-TheftBarry Smith-Here for CourtLauren Sims-Domestic AssaultDustin Seibers-Failure to Appear-VandalismWilliam Ray-Failure to Appear-DUIElijah Nix-Here for CourtJames Nash-Theft of Property-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-Possession of Schedule IIClayton Myers-Attachment for Contempt Leaving the SceneTroy Mullican-Possession of Sch II Drugs-Violation of Drug Free School ZoneTanisha Milton-Theft of PropertyJennifer Merrell-Driving While License RevokedMartin McDonald-Simple Possession Sch IIRebecca McCurry-Falsifying Drug Test-Resisting Official DetentionJeremiah McCurry-Simple Possession-Contribute to Delinquency of ChildKristal McCormick-Serving on Previous DUIAmanda Martin-Failure to Appear or Pay Fines-Possession of Sch II Drugs-Violation Drug Free School ZoneKaren Lewis-Hold for Cumberland CountyMario Jimenez-Public IntoxicationJohn Humphrey-Violation of ProbationJared Howard-Hold for DeKalb CountyAshley Hoover-Domestic AssaultKimberley Holt-Driving on Suspended License-Failure to AppearKordell Henderson-Criminal TrespassStephen Halbert-Violation of Sex Offender RegistryJennifer Goines-Failure to Appear-MethSkyra Ford-Serving on PreviousDusty Foister-Here for CourtCharles Fisher-Attachment for ContemptRobert Farris-Driving Under the Influence-Open ContainerMonica Dunn-Domestic AssaultJason Dabbs-Domestic AssaultChristopher Clouse-Aggravated AssaultCharles Causby-Failure to AppearTammy Bumbalough-Possession of Controlled Substance-Simple Possession-Drug ParaphernaliaTiffany Brymer-DUI-Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaApril Brown-Attachment for ContemptJonathan Brasfield-Driving on Suspended License-Possession of Controlled Substance-Drug ParaphernaliaEric Barker-FTA on DUI 2nd-Driving on Revoked LicenseBarbara Austin-TheftWilliam Anderson-Domestic Assault