Clay County Mugshots 10-30-17

Check out the Clay County mugshots from the week of 10-30-17.

Darell Gulley-Violation of ProbationMackenzie Allred-Drug Paraphernalia-Possession of MethamphetamineHarold Jackson-Drivers License RequiredDylan Ford-Simple Possession- Driving on Suspended LicenseJason King-Drug ParaphernaliaKody Adams-Hold for Court-Drug Paraphernalia-SCH2Robert Kelly-SCH 2-Violation of Probation- Drug ParaphernaliaBrence Walters-Shoplifting in Putnam COCarl Miller-Vandalism-Stalking-DUIMelissa Schlegel-Simple Possession SCH 6-Drug Paraphernalia-Possession of Meth-Simple Possession