Overton County Mugshots 10-2-17

Check out the Overton County mugshots from the week of 10-2-17.

Rebecca Barnes-Failure to Appear or Pay-Violation of Probation gerenal SessionsMichael Child-Failure to Appear or PayLisa Cook-Domestic AssaultRalph Cravens-Violation of Probation CriminalMichael Freeman-Violation of Probation CriminalJames Gaumont-Violation of ProbationKevin Glasscock-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearTifford Gunnels-Child Support-Jail SentenceMichael Hardin-Aggravated Assault-Theft of PropertyShannon Harville-Vehicular Homicide X2Danny Ledbetter-Failure to Appear or PayWilliam Ledbetter-Residential and Work Restrictions-Sex Offender Registery WorkLeda Lykins-DUI 1st Offense-Vehicular Assault X2-Aggravated Assault with Bodliy Injury X2-Reckless EndangermentWilliam Moore-Misapp Contract Fund-Theft of Property X2Candy Mullins-Failure to AppearJeffrey Ragan-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseRonald Roberts-DUIZachary Smith-Violation of Community CorrectionsTonya Sparks-Violation of Probation Criminal-Failure to AppearJacob Walker-Domestic AssaultJennifer Welch-Failure to PayRandy White-Failure to Pay Fines by Defendants