Putnam County Mugshots 10-2-17

Take a look at the Putnam County mugshots from the week of 10-2-17.

Mellisa Allen-Meth-MAN-DEL-SELL PossessionSonya Allen-Violation of Probation on Simple PossessionZaccary Anderson-Violation of ProbationSeth Barber-Fail to Appear or Pay on ShopliftingCleveland Barnes-Fail to Appear or Pay on DUI 5th DOR- Fail to Appear or Pay on DUI 3rdPascual Bartolome-DUIEmily Birdwell-DUI-Leaving Scene of Accident-Marlena Bolster-Simple PossessionSkler Bowman-Failure to Appear or PayDestin Campbell-Failure to Appear or PayJon-MIchael Carter-Fail to Appear or PayAndrea Cartwright-Theft of PropertyFloyd Caulder-Violation of Order of ProtectionMichael Chapman-Aggravated RobberyTasha Chowning-Failuer to Appear or Pay on Driving on SuspendedDale Clore-Shoplifting-Theft of PropertySeth Cunningham-Meth Free Tennessee Drug Act-MAN-DEL-SELL or Possession Meth-Contraband in Penal InstitutionWilliam Davis-Fugitive From Justice-Douglas Dyer-Failure to Appear or PayBrian Farley-Failure to Appear or PayMargie Farley-Violation of Parole-Aggravated Robby-FAC-1ST DEG MurderTricia Fisher-Fail to Appear or Pay on Simple PossessionDekota Fromme-Driving on Revoked or Suspended-William Gaw-Fail to Appear or Pay-Violation Order of Protections-Domestic Assault-Simple Possession-Public Intoxication-Fugitive from JusticeStephanie Gentry-Failure to Appear or Pay-Violation of Probation on TheftJulie Goolsby-Driving without a License-DUITroy Gore-Failure to Appear to PayRichard Grimes-MAN_DEL_SELL Controlled Substance-MethKelsey Hamlet-Violation of Probation on Simple Possession RULES 1-3-4-9-14James hammock-Vandalism-Violation of Probation Underage Consumption-Fail to Appear or Pay on Driving while License RevokedMarquis heath-Violation of ProbationShea Henderson-Fail to Appear or Pay on Simple PossessionKatrina Hendricks-Fail to Appear or Pay on Theft of MerchandiseGerry Holland-DUI-Driving under the InfluenceBenjamin Jared-Fail to Appear or Pay-SpeedingNicoli Jefferies-Fail to Appear or Pay-DUI-Simple Possession-Driving while License-Release Jail BreakKenneth Johnson-Driving without a LicenseDanny Jones-DUI-Simple PossessionTanya Jones-Violation of Probation-DUI 1st Rule 4Malcom Leffew-Violation of Bond ConditionsShannon Livingston-Public IntoxicationRichard Massa-Violation of Probation-Simple PossessionJackie Mayberry-Possession with Intent to Manufacture Meth-MFG-DEL-SELL or Possession-DUI-Resisting ArrestDevin McClellan-Violation of Probation-TheftJames Mcelroy-Failure to Appear or Pay-Speeding-Drug ParaphernaliaLarry McKinney-Violation of Probation-Domestic Assault- Failure to AppearDeandre Middleton-Aggravated RobberyMichael Nannie-Failure to Appear or PayReanna Nicholson-DUIJoel Norrod-Aggravation Assault-Violation of Bond Conditions-Evading Arrest-Criminal Impersonation-Violation of Probation Simple Possession X2 Rule 3Patrick Patterson-Failure to Appear or PayTerrence Phillis-Public Intoxication-Underage Possession or Consumption of AlcoholJustis Phy-Failure to Appear or Pay-Driving while License RevokedJessie Pryor-Fail to Appear or Pay-Theft of MerchandiseVictoria Quintero-Failure to Appear or PayCrystal Randolph-Failure to Appear or PayJonathan Reed-Reckless Endangerment-Evading ArrestBrady Rochefort-Violation of Probation on Aggravated AssaultRonnie Sexton-MAN-DEL-SELL Controlled SubstanceTeresa Shirley-Fail to Appear or Pay-Theft of Mechandise- Shoplifting-Violation of Probation-Simple Possession Supplemental RULE #3-Violation of Probation Simple Possession Supplemental 1-2-8Latoya Simmons-Violation of Probation-TheftDonny Sims-Violation of Bond Conditions-Aggravated Assault-Reckless EndangermentKatharyn Smith-MAN-DEL-SELL Controlled Substance-DUIPayton Smith-Failure to Appear-TheftJed Steven-Failure to AppearJimmy Stout-Criminal Court- Pick up IndictmentMichael Stover-Public IntoxicationRichard Swisher-Violation of ProbationRobert Thomas-Driving in the InfluenceTyler Walker-Public IntoxicationDANIEL WELCH-Failure to Appear of Pay- TheftSHARLINDA THRACKXTON-DUIDonald Welch-MAN- DEL-SELL Controlled Substance- MAN-DEL-SELL MethJennifer Tollison-Violation of Probation Simple possessionAshley Thornburg-Ffailure to Appear-Violation of Probation on Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaZavarious Thomas-Aggravated RobberyDanoel Vitervo-Failure to Appear or PayJessica Trubee-Failure to AppearSarah Threlkel-Theft of Merchandise-Violation of Probation