White County Mugshots 10-2-17

Check out these mugshots from White County for the week of October 2nd.

Bastin, Elizabeth Alane - Here for Court from Overton:DCS CourtArroyo, Azelia DUI; Felony Evading Avading Arrest, Poss Drug Para, Simple Poss of SCH VIBowman, Betty Ann - Unlawful Drug Para; Poss w:o PrescriptionBurch, Cody Brian, 2nd Violation TheftButler, Eric Zephyr - Sex Offender Registry ViolationCaldwell, Thomas Bradford - Hold for Van Buren CountyCarroll, Justin M - Public Intoxication, Simple Poss SCH VI; Vandalism Under $1,000; FAlse Imprisonment, Contraband into Penal FacilityCrawford, Tracy Dietrich - Theft of PropertyDavenport, Tammy Bermoece - Here for Court from Overton:DCS CortDavidson, Justin Harley - Vandalism over $500; Domestic AssaultDavidson, Justin Harley - Vio Bond ConditionsDilldine, Randy Lynn - Vio on Initiation Process to MfgEldridge, Justin D - DOR:SFrazier, Dallas Wyatt - Vio Order of ProtectionGist, Robert Martin - Poss:Mfg:Del:Sel: Controllled Sub; Unlawful Drug ParaGreen, Cameron Shawn - Simple PossHinkle, Kyle Lee - Agg AssaultJeffries, Tyler Kane - Failed to Pay Court FinesKeyes, Dustin Blake - Domestic AssaultKirby, Brandi Elie - SCH VI DrugsLedbetter, Larry David - Unlawful Drug Para; Public Intoxication; Poss:SimpleMahan, Savanna Jean - Hold for Rutherford CountyMargeson, Freddia Denise - FTA; D:S:R:Can DLMaxwell, Christopher Eugene - DOS DL 10th Offense; Criminal ImpersonationMcDaniel (Smith), Kathy Darlin - Public IntoxicationMcWhirter, Brian Trae - Unlawful Drug Para; Vio Order of ProtectionNewman, James Blake - Poss Drug Para; Simple POss SCH IIPadgett, Virginia Nicole - Theft over $1,000, Poss Drug Para, DOR DLRandolph, Jessee Edward - Altering:Forging License Plates; POss:Mfg:Del:Sell SCH II; POss Drug ParaReese, Michael Edward - Poss Stolen Property over $1,000; Poss Drug Para; Theft over $2500Roberts, Jonathan Lynn - VOP on DUI 1st:Simple Poss SCH IIRoberts, Timmy Lee - Domestic Assault; Agg Abuse; Attachment Child SupportRoland, Mason Boyd - Falsify Drug TestSalisbury, Michael DAvid - Vop:Criminal SimulationSeibers, April R - Unlawful Removal of License plate; Unlawful Drug Para; Driving on Expired LicenseSherrell, Abigail Layne - Unlawful Drug Para; Simple SCH II; SCH IVVaughn, Jeremy Robert - Simple POss; Unlawful Drug ParaVinson, Randall Blake - Theft of Property over a $1,000Walker, Casey Lee - FTAWallace, James W - DOS:R:Can DL; Driving while habitual MV OffenderWallace, Steve Leonard - DOR DLWheaton, Michael Allen - Theft of Property under $1,000Whitworth, Amy Lou - DUI 1stWhitworth, Holly Lashea - DOS DL 2ndWilliams, Adrian Clark - Public IntoxicationWilliford, William Jason - Capias:Bench WarrantWillis, Sara Danielle - Theft of Property Shoplifting; DOS DLYoung, Travis Lynn - Prohibited Weapn, Alt of Items Distinguish Number; Poss SCH IV; Poss SCH III; Poss SCH IV