Putnam County Mugshots 11-20-17

Check out this week’s Putnam County mugshots.

Tayron Adams-Theft of PropertyTrenton Bain-JoyridingJoel Barry-Burglary-Possession of Burglary ToolsErica Batchelor-MAN-DEL-SELL Controlled SubstanceNadine Becker-Criminal Trespassing-Theft of PropertyChristian Bennett-Public Intoxication-Possession of a Handgun under InfluenceKayla Boaz-Fail to Appear or Pay on Theft of PropertyLatrone Bowman-Disorderly Conduct-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseKyle Brown-Resisting ArrestLandon Bumbalough-Fail to Appear or Pay on Drivers to Exercise Due to Care and TextingJamie Burress-Fail to Appear or Pay on Underage ConsumptionShannon Camardi-Fail to Appear or Pay School Entrance or AttendanceBrandi Chambers-Vioaltion of Community CorrectionsVickie Claborn-Criminal Court-DEL Meth SCH II Drug Free ZoneYarrish Cook-MAN-DEL-SELL Controlled SubstanceDavid Cowic-Fail to Appear or Pay on Driving without LicenseMonica Craig-Theft of PropertyGeorge Davis-Disorderly ConductTerrance Deschamp-Vioaltion of Order of Protection-Vioaltion of Bond Conditions-Fail to Appear or Pay Burglary and TheftDestiny Dillon-Aggravated BurglaryKenneth Dodson-Violation of ProbationLisa Dunford-Vioaltion of Probation on DUI 3rd RULE 6Ashley Dunn-Theft of PropertyBrooklyn Dunn-Driving Impaired-Underage Driving While ImpairedTanara Edmonds-Contributing to the Delinquency of a Min-Theft of PropertyTodd Edward-Fail to Appear or Pay Simple Possession-Jail MitimusLeonard Elliot-Fail to Appear or PayCarla Evans-Fail to Appear or Pay on SpeedingJoni Gosnell-Criminal Court Sell and Del Sch IICasey Gray-Fail to Appear or Pay Child Abuse or Neglect-JuvenileTerry Hare-Public IntoxicationJacob Heady-Violation of ProbationMary Jones-Criminal ImpersonationTamper Jones-Theft of Property-Failure to Register as a Sex Offender-Fail to Appear SCH 2 DrugsCaydee King-ShopliftingAntonio Love-Fail to Appear or Pay-Crimianl Court Sell and Delivery of SCH 2 Cocaine More- Unlawful Possession of a WeaponAolani Mackeller-Aggracated BurglaryRegina Martinez-Failure to Register as a Sex OffenderDentrick McDaniels-DUI using Commercial Vehicle-POss of a Handgun under Influence-MAN-DEL-SELL Controlled SubstanceTiffany McDaniels-MAN-DEL-SELL Controlled Substance OffensesJamie Moore-Fail to Appear or Pay Agg Criminal TheftAlexis Nelson-Fail to Appear or Pay on 10-30-17 on Littering NO InsMatthew Norris-Fail to Appear or Pay on Burglary and TheftCraig Overton-DUI 2nd-Fabricating or Tampering with EvidenceBenjamin Patterson-Theft of PropertyJoseph Pharris-Public IntoxicationHarold Phy-Criminal CourtGeorge Reed-Vioaltion of Probation Simple Possession and Supplement- Theft of Property-Shane Pippin-Vioaltion of Probation on DOS-Christopher Scott-Fail to Appear or Pay on Driving while License SuspendedNina Richardson-Fail to Appear or Pay on Theft- Surrender of Principal Possession Drug and Simple Possession and TheftSarah Spurlock-Crimianl Court- Pick Up Indictment-Sell and DEL MethRicky Scantland-DUITimothy Stafford-BurglaryMcKinsley Ruffin-MAN-DEL-SELL Controlled Substance OffensesJimmy Stafford-Fail to Appear or PayTina Stewart-Fail to Appear or Pay on DOS and TheftLogan Silva-Fail to Appear or Pay Simple PossessionNicolas Smith-Violation of ProbationAshley Armstrong-DUI-Simple PossessionScott Wilkerson-DUIPerry Whittenburg-Disorderly ConductBrandon Taylor on Theft of Propert-Criminal Trespassing and Criminal ImpersonationAnthony Williiams-Fail to Appear or Pay on DORJames Walden-Fail to Appear or Pay on Simple Possession-Evading Arrest-Reckless Endangerment 2ndSeth Barber- Violation of Probation TheftCindle Brooks-Fail to Appear or Pay on DorDaryl Coffee-Fail to Appear or Pay Criminal TrespassMarshall Douglas-Fail to Appear or Pay on DOR-Violation on Probabation Simple Possession and DUIRobert Chencharick-Fail to Appear or Pay on Domestic Assualt-Fail to Appear or Pay on Public IntoxicationDustin Bilbrey-Fabricating or Tampering with Evidence-Theft of Propert-Meth Free TN Drug ActRhonda Brown-Fail to Appear or PayJacob Carver-Violation of Probation on Simple PossessionMary Dunn-Meth Free TN Drug Act-Reckless Endangerment-Theft of Property-Evading ArrestRichard Benge-Fail to Appear or Pay on Resisting and Disorderly ConductJames Henry-Fail to Appear or Pay on Simple PossessionDebra Gribble-Public IntoxicationJoshua Hull-Fail to Appear or Pay on DUI and Speeding-Surrender of Principal DUIErik Emerick-Fail to Appear or Pay on Simple PossessionCasandra Fisher-Public Intoxication-Resisting ArrestMario Esposito-Fail to Appear or Pay on Driving without LicenseNicholas Geesling-Filing Fasle Report-Evadign Arrest-Reckless EndangermentTravis Johnson-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseEmilie Jones-Public Intoxication-Simple PossessionJacob Jones-JoyridingShelly Kelly-Fail to Appear or Pay on TheftSandee Leal-Criminal TrespassingJoseph Lesko-Violation of Probation on DUI 1st and Simple PossessionAnthony Logsdon-Fail to Appear or PayBrandon Loughman-Violation of Probation on Simple PossessionAshley Paul-Fail to Appear or Pay on Simple PossessionJonathon Rathfon-Public Intoxication-Daniel Reeder-Vioaltion of Probation on Theft under 500 dollarsDylan Riddle-Fail to Appear or Pay on ShopliftingJeffrey Simerly-DUIBryde Steward-Violation of Probation on TheftJon Swearinger-Fail to Appear or Pay- Possession Controlled SubstanceGray Vaughn-Violation of Probation on Rule 3-Fail to Appear or Pay-Wali Willis-Unlawful Possession of a Weapon-Possession of Firearm by Convicted FelonElmus Winningham-Fail to Appear or Pay