Smith County Mugshots 11-16-17

Check out the Smith County mugshots.

Allen King-Burglary-Theft of Property-VandalismAlvin Strain-Theft of MerchandiseAndrew Barzani-Driving on Suspended LicenseAvert Johnson-Failure to AppearBilly Carmack-Failure to Appear-Serving TimeBilly Davenport-Violation of ProbationBrandi Clark-DUICharles Massey-Allowing Animals to Run at LargeCharles Smith-Leaving Scene of AccidentChristopher Barton-Failure to AppearDakota Caraker-Failure to AppearDaniel Eldridge-Bond RevocationDanny Watson-Driving on Suspended LicenseDeandrew Hobson-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-Falsification of Drug Test-Simple Possession of Sch VIDerrick Bell-Driving on Revoked LicenseDylan Crook-Holding for Another AgencyHolly Burton-Violation of ProbationHolly Goolsby-Failure to AppearJahniah Hobbs-Theft of MerchandiseJamerson Clark-Driving on Revoked License-Possession of Sch VI-Felony Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaJanet Smith-Serving TimeJason Farrell-HarassmentJessica Scruggs-Holding for Another AgencyJimmy Craddock-Possession of Weapon-Violation of ProbationJoshua Barr-Violation of ProbationJoshua Lynch-Violation of ProbationJustin Higgins-Violation of ProbationKaila Garrett-Criminal Trespassing-Domestic Assault-Theft of MerchandiseKimberly Coker-Contributing to the Delinquency of a MinorKyle Goad-Violation of ProbationLarry Gentry-Rape of Child-Sexual Incest-Solicitation to Commit FelonyNickey Silcox-VIolation of ProbationRonald Tucker-Violation Condition ReleaseShelia West-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearTommy Wade-Failure to Appear Serving TimeTonya Pipes-Theft of MerchandiseTonya Riggins-Violation of Probation