Cumberland County Mugshots 12-6-17

Check out this week’s Cumberland County mugshots.

Mariah Wyatt-From Carroll CoNekisha Woody-Failure to AppearMichele Wilson-Child SupportRhonda Weaver-Failure to AppearJody Turner-Serve 75 Days at 75 PercentTara Treadway- Failure to AppearMichael Thompson-Commitment Time for FelonyTammy Swallows-Violation of ProbationVictoria Sutherland-Marijuana 12 point 15 grams-Driving under InfluenceMichael Strader-Return From Court Rhea COSammy Spivey-Violation Community CorrectionsJoshua Smith-Public Intoxication-Aggravated AssaultJeremiah Smith-Theft of merchandiseKevin Sherrill-Child SupportSally Selby-Public IntoxicationNeva Rucci-Revoked Furlough per JudgeAmber Rhear-Violation of ProbationFranklin Reed-Failure to Appear-10-30-17Robert Reagan-Driving under the InfluenceChristopher Raines-MAN-DEL-SELL or Poss MethScreen Shot 2017-12-06 at 8.26.31 PMNichole Pryor-In for Court-Vioaltion of Probarion-Dwayne Proffitt-DUIAngela Presley-Serve 14 DaysCharles Phillips-Theft MerchandiseDexter Parsons-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseJose Orozco-Criminal SimulationWalter Norris-Violation of Probation-Failure to Appear on 11-13-17 DOS-Poss MethGregory Norris-Driving on Revoked Suspended License-Poss of Legend Drug-Unlawful Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Simple Possession-Leaving Scene of AccidentBobby Norris-MFG-DEL-SELL Controlled Substance-Failure to AppearRosemarie Nappi-3 Day CommitCrystal Mosley-Possession of MethSarah Morgan-Serve 45 DaysRyan Moore-Simple Possession-Unlawful Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Simple Poss-MAN-DEL-SELL or Poss MethRyan Molthen-Commit Time for MisdemeanorCasey Mitchell-Cheatham CoHeather McNeal-Driving under the InfluenceSarah MClenny-Criminal Trespassing -Failure to AppearTiffany Maynard-Failure to Appear 6-30-16 Paraphernalia MethMichael Maples-Failure to AppearKristi Lovell-Attachment Hold to Do Jail Time Plus 10 Days-Violation of ProbationAlec Ledbetter-In for CourtGerald Lawson-Failure to AppearWilliam Lance-Child Support-Failure to AppearTiffany Hughes-Hold for Other DeptJeremiah Howard-Failure to Appear 1-9-17Sharon Houston-Driving under The Influence 3RD OffenseCharles Houston-Habitual Motor Veh OffenderBrandon Houston-Driving under the InfluenceRonald Holsonback-Public IntoxicationCody Hinds-Public IntoxicationElizabeth Hill-Hold for Jail Time 30 Day Plus 10 DaysSteven Hargis-Domestic Assault-VandalismSamuel Harden-Failure to Appear Serve 10 DaysMelody Hamilton-Vioaltion of Probation-Failure to AppearJason Guyette-Theft of MerchandiseRichard Flowers-Theft of Property-Evading Arrest-FTA 11-13-17Tonya Fish-Violation Community CorrectionsJason Elmore-Fraudulent Use of a Credit Atm Card-Theft of PropertyCassandra Dick-Driving on Revoked and or Suspended LicenseJason Dewall-Public Intoxication-Violation of Probation-Resisting ArrestDenny Demetro-Sale-DEL SCH II Hydrocodone- Poss SCH II Sale -Del Morphine-Poss Sale -Del Oxycodone- Poss of a Firearm during CommissionDarion Davis-Violation of Probation-30 DaysDarcy Davis-Child SupportBethany Dannel-48 HR CommitJacob Christmas-Reckless Endangerment-Domestic AssaultChristopher Brick-Violation of ProbationJacob Brewer-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearNancy Brady-Domestic AssaultShannon Blair-Disorderly ConductTasha Beason-Theft of MerchandiseTasha Beason-Domestic AssaultNathan Barss-Felony Possessionof MethChristopher bare-Violation of ProbationNancy Barbaria-PICrystal Baleja-Violation of ProbationEmilson Arriaga-Driving without LicenseMiguel Andres-48 HR Commit