Smith County Mugshots 12-13-17

Check out this week’s Smith County mugshots.

Jerry young-Violation of Probationaaron Woods-Falsification of Drug Test-Poss Controlled Substance-Felony Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Serving TimeKristin Wilson-Driving on Revoked-Poss Controlled SubstancesJohnny Williams-Reckless Endangerment-Poss Controlled SubstanceNaomi Weaver-Violation of ProbationDennis Waters-Holding for CourtJeffery tittle-hold for CourtJeffery Swain-Domestic Assault-Felony Poss Drug ParaphernaliaMatthew Simmonds-Felony Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Domestic AssaultCierra Sabb-Theft 1000 to 9999 Dollars-Passing Forged PapersCourtney Paris-Hold for CourtEvan neely-Failure to AppearFranklin Neal-Criminal Impersonation-Aggravated BurglaryEarnest Neal-Forged PrescriptionKevin Moore-Simple Poss of SCH VI-Poss Controlled SubstanceDaniel Mofield-Theft of MerchandiseCassie Manis-Failure to AppearAngela Manier-Failure to AppearAvaric Littrell-Holding for CourtBrent Leggett-Chad Lee-Poss Controlled Substances-Simple Poss Of SCH VIJacob Kuykendall-Violation of Probation-Aggravated Burglary-Theft 1000 to 9999 Dollars-VandalismAndy King-Holding for Court-Burglary-Theft 500 to 999 Dollars-VandalismCourtney Hunter-Failure to AppearMichael Hancock-Felony Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Poss Controlled SubstancesCharles Hancock-Felony Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Poss Controlled SubstanceSary Gulley-Serving TimeSheryl Guerrero-Leaving Scene of Accident-Driving of RevokedWilliam Grayson-Public IntoxicationAdrienne Gray-resisting Arrest-Felont Poss Drug Paraphernalia-Domestic Assault-Criminal Summons-Violation of ProbationTommy Gooch-Aggravated AssaultSteven Ferry-Holding for Another AgencyDustin Doss-Domestic Aggravated AssaultWilliam Brown-Theft 1000 Between 9999 DollarsSheleah Bond-Sexual Exploitation of MinorJuan Barerra-Holding for CourtVictor Alcocer-Poss conrolled Sustances