DeKalb County Mugshots 1-29-18

Check out this week’s DeKalb County mugshots. Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Joey Williams-Aggravated AssaultChase Williams-Holding for Another CountyDra Watkins-Holding for Another CountyNicholas Walls-Violation of ProbationBridgett Vientos-Violation of ProbationAngela Vallem-FugitiveDaniel Shoopman-Holding for Other CountyTena Sherman-Failure to AppearCelnt Shehane-Failure to AppearDavid Rutland-Violation of ProbationChristy Reeder-Filing False ReportAron Ponder-Violation of ProbationBobby Pinegar-Theft of Property Involving MerchandiseJustin Murphy-Public IntoxicationEddie Maynard-Public Intoxication-Vandalism-Aggravated BurglarySamuel Lucas-Violation of ProbationMichael Lee-Aggravated Assault-AssaultJason Johnson-Violation of ProbationChad Johnson-Theft of Property-Aggravated BurglaryRandy Hobbs-Evading Arrest-Driving on Revoked LicenseLynette Hawkins-Weekender Time To ServeRobert Hardison-Possession Sch II-Meth-Possession Sch VI-Possession Sch I-Possession of Handgun While Under the Influence-Driving on Suspended License-DUI-Tampering With EvidenceKimberly Hall-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearVictor Gutierrez-Aguilar-DUIJose Guerrero-Court OrderedCarl Goolsby-Driving on Revoked LicenseBrian Fuller-Holding for Other CountyRandall Evans-Failure to AppearRandall Evans-Violation of ProbationDavid Cook-Driving on Revoked LicenseNikita Clark-Weekender Time To ServeBenito Castorene-Holding for Other CountyChristopher Cameron-Failure to AppearSteven Bly-Evading ArrestSteven Bly-Violation of Probation