Smith County Mugshots 1-29-18

Check out this week’s Smith County mugshots. Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Zachary Williams-Violation of ProbationShanna Washer-Failure to AppearRebecca Vaughn-Holding for Another AgencyBailey Underwood-Holding for Another AgencyTommy Thackxton-Violation of Probation-Failure to AppearJohn Summers-Violation of Probation- Attachment Child SupportRicky Stacy-Violation of ProbationIan Shirey-AssaultChristy Roberts-Domestic AssaultJames Ricketts-Michael Pruitte-Violation of ProbationJennifer Plummer-Attachment Child SupportBrittany McCormick-Theft of PropertyTerry Maynard-Violation of Probation Criminal CourtDanny Mathis-Violation of ProbationSavannah Johnson-Holding for Another AgencyKasey Johns-Driving on RevokedJustin Higgins-Violation of ProbationSarhonda Hall-Failure to Appear-Serving TimeAmber Greenlee-Driving on Suspended License-Failure Report accident-Leaving Scene Injury AccidentKenneth Goolsby-Theft of PropertyBrandon Fisher-Violation VandalismJoey Fife-Poss Drug Paraph with Int to use-POssession of SCH VISarah Eden-serving TimeKacy Davenport-holding for Another AgencyAndrew Daniels-Failure to AppearZachary Conner-Violation of ParoleTravis Bunn-Possession of SCH I-Violation Implied Consent law-Poss of SCH VI-Poss Drug Paraph with int to use-Resisting Arrest-ALCOH Violation of ParoleMiranda Bell-DUIMelissa Barnwell-Holding for another AgencyScotty Baine-Driving on RevokedHollie Baine-Driving on Suspened LicenseTyler Anderson-Violation of ProbationAaren Alred-DUI-Poss Controlled Substances-POssession SCH II