Cumberland County Mugshots 02-13-2018

Check out this week’s Cumberland County mugshots.  Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Aaron Cross-Possession of Drug Paraphernalia-MFG-DEL-SELL Controlled SubstanceAlbert Griffin-Theft of ServicesAlec Ledbetter-In for CourtAlicia Hill-Violation of ProbationAlton Traylor-Drug ParaphernaliaAnthony Gabrielle-Public IntoxicationAudie Ellis-Public IntoxicationBobby Dixon-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseBobby Norris-ParaphernaliaBoyd Kearley-Hold for Other DeptBrandi Goodner-Commitment Time For FelonyBrandy Braddam-Failure to AppearCarl Collins-Attachment Violation of Probation-Carolyn Helminski-Check Previous BookingChadwin Clark-Child SupportCharlie Cates-Hold for Other DeptChristine Kilby-Theft of MerchaniseChristopher Strange-Failure to Appear 01-29-2018-Violation of ProbationChyrl Wilson-Serve 10 DaysClayton Forsyth-Domestic AssaultCmeron Lounds-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseDavid Lewis-Public Intoxication-Child SupportDavid Proffitt-Vioaltion of Parole-Failure to AppearDebra Greenslade-ForgeryDominique Officer-Violation ProbationDouglas Partridge-Public IntoxciationElvi Proffitt-Failure to Appear 11-06-2017 and 12-18-2017Eric Krupp-Lancing MichiganEric Parsons-Simple Possession-MAN-DEL-SELL or PossessionMethForest Irvin-Violation of ProbationGlenn Parsons-Child SupportGrace Redwine-Violaiton ProbationJacob Stephens-Violation of ProbationJacon Christmas-Violation of Bond Conditions-Domestic AssaultJagar Ledbetter-Resisting Stop-Frisk-Halt-Arrest Search-Tampering with Fabricating Evidence-Simple Possession SCH 3 and SCH 6James Hamlet-Violation of ProbationJames Ward-Resisting Stop Frisk HaltJames young-Violation of Order of Protectionjamie Chapin-Leaving Scene of AccidentJamie Conatser-MFG-DEL-SELL OxyxondoneJamie Smith-Failure to AppearJared Pawley-Failure to Appear on 12-04-2017 and 12-18-2017 Purge 1340 0r 110 DaysJeffrey Warner-Violation of ProbationJesse Chandler-Failure to Appear 01-15-2018Joshua Dirscheri-Theft MerchandiseJoy Bartley-Unlawful Possession Drug Paraphernalia- Simple PossessionJustin Custer-2 Day CommitKasandra Kline-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorKenneth Ihle-DUIKerwin Williams-Joy Riding- Failure to AppearKevin Flores-Drinking under the legal age-Public IntoxicationKyler Ewards-Failure to AppearLarry Reed-MAN-DEL-SELL or Poss Meth-Unlawful Possession Drug Paraphernalia-Failure to AppearLinda Holley-Failure to Appear 10-30-2017Luis Alvarez-DORMark Williams-Failure to Appear on 10-09-2017 and 08-28-2017 and 10-02-2017Marvin Blodgett-Public IntoxicationMarvin Randolph-Theft Property-Poss Controlled-Substance-Fel Poss MethMatthew Davies-Simple Possession-MAN-DEL-SELL or Possession MethMelissa Menendez-Commitment Time for FelonyMicah Krank-Public IntoxicationMichael Carlson-Failure to Appear 9-21-11 on Veh AssaultMichael Harrison-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseMichael Jones-DUIMichael Strader-No Charge ListedMiranda Hinds-Failure to Appear on MFG Possession for resale-Criminal ImpersonationNatalie Warf-DUINicholas Braswell-Violation of ProbationNicholas Padgett-DUI-Drinking under the Legal AgeNichole Morgan-Disorderly Conduct-Public IntoxicationPaula Cornell-Violation of Probation-MAN-DEL-SELL or Poss Meth-Scales-Baggies-Unlawful Possession Drug ParaphernaliaPedro Marquez-Underage Consumption-Public IntoxicationReba Easterly-Domestic AssaultRebecca Trobaugh-Failuret to AppearRichard Armes-Hold for Other DeptRichard Tuohy-Child SupportRicky Reynolds-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorRobert Edwards-Failure to AppearRyan Molthen-Commit Time for MisdemeanorScreen Shot 2018-02-13 at 8.29.50 PMShanna Lowery-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorSherman Marsh-Hold Roane CoSidney Randolph-AssaultStanley Watson-Failure to AppearSusan Houston-Simple Possession-Driving on Revoked or Suspended LicenseTammie Freeman-DUITammy Ritcey-MAN-DEL-SELL or Poss MethTerry Kilby-Domestic AssaultTheodore Hafner-Faialure to do Jail Time-Commitment Time for MisdemeanorThomas Janow-Fraudulent use of a Credit Card-Forgery-MAN-DEL-SELL or Poss MethTimothy Brown-Failure to AppearTina Howard-Thft of PropertyTondra Ramsey-Hold for Other DeptTressia Calabrese-Leavinf Scene of AccidentVictoria Crosby-Fraudulent use of a Credit ATM CardWayne Krogman-Vandalism-Harrassment-Criminal TrespassingZachary Lewis-Violation Community Correction