White County Mugshots 03-05-2018

Check out this week’s White County mugshots.  Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Dustin Young-Serving on PreviousLarry Neely-Possession of SCH III DrugsKeenan Rains-Illegal Underage ConsumptionKayla Hoover-leaving the Scene of Accident-Driving on Suspended License-Registration LawJohnnie Hurd-DUI 1stLarry Reed-Violation of ProbationLeonidas Knowles-Statutory Rape by Authority Figure-Abortion AttemptedKevin Frenger-DUI 1st-Driving on Suspended or Revoked-Open ContainerTonya Gist-Attachment for Contempt-Attachment for Child SupportDustin Golden-possession of Drug Paraphernalia-Evading Arrest-Simple Possession of SCh VI DrugsDedra Gribble-Failure to Appear 02-23-2018Gabrielle Lawson-Violation of Probation Simple PossessionJesus Rivera-Holdfor Bedford CountyJoshua Abbott-Assault AggravatedKelli Alllen-Failure to ApperStar Adkison-Criminal ImpersonationSherri Bailey-Hold for Another CountyBobby Baker-DUI 1stCynthia Marciniak-Hold for Another CountyJake Hatfield-Domestic Assault-False ImprisonmentRoger Stewart-Driving while License Suspended or Revoked 1st-Possession Drug ParaphernaliaShirleen Stewart -Possession without Prescription-Public Intoxication-Possession of Drug ParaphernaliaChandell McCloud-1st Violation of Probation on DUIDavid Davis-Promo of MFG SCh II-Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia-Failure to AppearJames Hatfield-Failure to AppearAmanda Vison-Attachment for CourtJoseph Dowell-Violation of ProbationMatthew Henry-Driving while License Suspended or Revoked 2ndSteven Middlebrook-Burglary-Theft of Property-Criminal Trespass