White County Mugshots 3/21/18

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Bilbrey, Dustin Ryan - Poss of Drug ParaBillings, Michael Shane -VOP AmendedBotkin, O'Ryan Harley - Driving while License Sub:Revoked 1stBrock, Brian Lee - Violation of ProbationBrymer, Tiffany Renea - Driving While License Sus:Rev:Can 1st; 2nd ViolationCarroll, Justin Michael - VOP Simple Poss SCH VIClark, Daniel Dewayne - Driving U:Influence Intox:Drugs 1stClark, Daniel Dewayne - Violation on Vandalism over 500Cox, Haley Shenee - Theft of Property under 500; Forgery X 2Davis, Randy Carol - Violation of Probation 1stDowell, Wesley Levi - DUI INtox:Drugs 2nd Offense; Poss Drug ParaDunn, Danial Lane - Violation of Probation 1stEnriquez, Olivia Marina - Failure to Appear for Simple PossGaddis, Jennifer Lynn - Violation 2nd on Poss of Drug ParaHood, Ciera Faith - Theft under 1,000Isom, Ashley Nicole - Failure to AppearJardim, Louis - DUI 1st; Unlawful Poss of WeaponKirby, Jason Lynn - Domestic Assault; KidnappingLee, Christian Daniel - Failure to AppearLewis, (Gribble), Betty Leona - VOP:AmendedMabe, Serina Eula Dawn - Failure to Appear 3:6:18Magnus, Shirley Lawana - Driving with License SuspendedMcCormick, Christopher Bull - Criminal Impersonation; DOS:R:C 1stMcCracken, Susan - Theft of Property ShopliftingMcMurry, Kristie Danette - FTA 2:6:18; FTA 2:13:18; VOP Amended TheftMelton, Debra Ann - Theft of Property Shoplifting; Criminal TrespassingMiller, Josh Randall - Failure to AppearOdom, Dequantie Rashad - Poss SCH II Drug; Poss SCH IV; Poss Drug ParaParks, Wanda Gail - Pick Up Indictment; Theft up to 1000Randolph, Kristina Lynn - Theft under 500Randolph, Sheila - FTA:Failure to Pay FinesRasso, Tony - Violation of Probation 2ndSchreyer, James Phillip - Here for CourtSeibers, Gary Leavon - Failure to AppearSmith, William Tyler - Mfg:Del:Sel:Poss SCH II, IV, VI; Poss:Del:Sell:Mfg MethVan Bibber, Anderson Craig - DUI Intox:Drugs 1st; Illegal Underage ConsumptionWard, Destany - Failure to AppearWatkiss, Amanda Lynn - Violation on DUI 1stYoung, Brandy Deann -Driving U:Influence Intox:Drugs 1st; Simple Poss SCH VI Drugs