DeKalb County Mugshots 4-16-18

Check out this week’s DeKalb County mugshots.  Everyone listed is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

Debra Wood-DUINathan Wilbert-Holding Inmate for CourtRichard Standridge-Holding Inmate for CourtMemory Staggs-Violation of ProbationLucas Sprayberry-Failure to AppearRicky Shehane-Violation of ProbationAmy Scott-Housing Inmate for Warren CountyAmanda Rowland-Failure to AppearMichael Roller-Violation of ProbationBrian Rogers-Failure to AppearCandy Redmon-Holding Inmate for CourtDanny Prater-Holding Inmate for CourtThomas Nix-Violation of ProbationPatrick Murphy-Child AbuseJustin Murphy-Failure to AppearNicole Muncey-Holding Inmate for CourtWilliam Meadows-Possession of Handgun Under the Influence-DUICarl Martin-DUIJermaica League-Violation of ProbationKenneth Lattimore-Violation of ProbationMichael Jones-Holding Inmate for Court-Failure to AppearEllissa Howard-Violation of ProbationJimmy Herman-Driving on RevokedRobert Hardison-Violation of ProbationRobert Goff-Violation of Probation-Holding Inmate for CourtBryon Gibbs-Holding Inmate for CourtMeghan Ferrell-Failure to AppearJoshua Farmer-Holding Inmate for Court-Violation of ProbationRobert Davidson-Failure to AppearJoshua Cripps-Failure to AppearRobert Cox-Domestic AssaultWesley Chandler-Domestic AssaultJeff Caldwell-Altering or Forging Title-Driving While License RevokedEdward Caldwell-Court OrderedWesley Burrage-Violation of Sexual OffenderKenneth Bain-Violation of Probation